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The Originals: Real-life Couples Revealed

The Originals: Real-life Couples Revealed

The Originals: Real-life Couples Revealed

Welcome Back NationTV, You'll be surprised when you find out where Joseph Morgan met his wife! He had accepted the fact that it is difficult for him to find a balance between work and family life.

Daniel Gillies as Elijah Mikaelson

Elijah is definitely the most stylish vampire
from this whole gang of "The Vampire Diaries
Who is Elijah Mikaelson without his devotion
to his brother's redemption, without anything
like family loyalty, without the promise of
"Always and forever?"

He just makes you wanna take him, right?
Well, girls, don't be sad, but Daniel is completely

He met his wife, Rachel Leigh Cook, back in
2001, and married her 3 years after.
Both are happy with their blissful married
life with no news of any impending splits.
In one of the interviews, Daniel made his
attitude towards Rachel clear:

"My wife is the greatest gift I ever received"
Daniel Gillis and his wife Rachel Leigh Cook
at first seemed to have focused on their careers,
and decided to plan on expanding their family
after almost 10 years of marriage.

And so Charlotte was born in 2013, and in
2015 they welcomed their son, Theodore.
And this has changed the life of the actor
all the way around.

After his daughter was born, he revealed:
“We dance and sing with her every single day”
He enjoys spending his free time with his
wife and two children.

In an interview for "Fashion and Style," Daniel
Gillies had spoken about the difficulties
he faced juggling his time between his career
and his family

He had accepted the fact that it is difficult
for him to find a balance between work and family life.
Daniel Gillies went on to state: “The only
downside to being both an actor and a father
is the merciless scheduling and the distance
from home”.

Now Daniel is working on the movie Occupation:
Rainfall, which also includes Ken Jeong, out
of his year's smash hit Crazy Rich Asians.

Phoebe Tonkin as Hayley Marshall

Australian actress Phoebe Tonkin has garnered
an unrivaled international fan-following
by playing completely everything, from a mermaid
to a werewolf

But Phoebe has finished 2018 with possibly
her most impressive role so far, the role
of Gwen Reed on Stan's original series, Bloom.
As to her personal life, it's quite dramatic.
On the set of "The Vampire Diaries, " Phoebe
met Paul Westley, who you all know as Stefan

Back then Paul was divorced from his ex-wife
and decided to give a chance to a new relationship
which lasted 4 years

During this time Paul and Phoebe managed to
separate and get back together a few times
which made their fans really nervous.
But then at some point, they finally broke
it off, although, there were no scandals behind
the scenes

They deleted their pictures together and after
some time they unfollowed each other on social networks.
Even though fans are really curious about
who the Australian beauty is dating now, Phoebe
refuses to answer any questions about her
personal life.

Perhaps, the publicity of her last relationship
influenced that decision.
We are just hoping she's happy!

Charles Michael Davis aka Marcel Gerard

You knew that Marcel wouldn't be left without
a job, right?
Charles Michael Davis is returning to Shondaland,
ABC and ABC Studios.

Davis, whose first major role was an arc on
Shonda Rhimes' medical drama Grey's Anatomy,
is joining the cast of another Shondaland
ABC series, legal drama For the People, as
a regular for its second season.

For some time the actor dated Katrina Amato.
It all seemed very serious until in 2014 on
a CBS talk show The Talk, he revealed that
he's "newly single".
But such a hottie can't be single for a long
time, right?

Claire Holt aka Rebekah Mikaelson

Another ex-mermaid on the list!
Claire Holt got engaged to real estate executive
Andrew Joblin just a little over 7 months
after Holt's ex-husband, producer Matthew
Kaplan, divorced her, just one day before
their one-year wedding anniversary.
Last summer Claire and Matt got married in
an intimate wedding ceremony in Beverly Hills,
and the actress keeps sharing beautiful photos
of the big day.

In October, the blonde beauty was happy to
announce that she's expecting her first child.
She confirmed the sex of the baby in a funny
"gender reveal" video on her Instagram.
In the caption, she said that the couple were
so sure a baby girl was on the way that they
splurged on all things pink for their future

Claire had even chosen a name only to learn
that she and her new husband are expecting a little boy.
Apparently, the actress will leave her career
for a bit just to take good care of the baby.

Leah Pipes aka Camille O'Connell

If the Disney Channel ever made you believe
in anything, it was probably the power of
having a dream.

And maybe the power of true love.
That second one will become a lot clearer
once you wrap your head around this: AJ Trauth
and Leah Pipes from Disney Channel are married!
You probably remember that Trauth played Twitty
on Even Stevens, which was a hugely popular
show with Christy Carlson Romano and Shia

Simultaneously, though, the Disney Channel
was also filming and airing the film Pixel
Perfect who starred - you know it - Leah Pipes
as Samantha!

What most fans had no idea about was that
they were likely getting closer behind the scenes
They were so close in fact that they fell
head over heels in love for each other.
Even though at their teen years they were
just friends, their friendship turned into
something more serious in 2011.

Back then Pipes told People magazine that
she was "thrilled" about getting married:
"I have spent a decade of my life dating.
I am thrilled about never going on another
a bad date for the rest of my life.
I’m also so excited to learn and grow with
the person I respect most in this world"

Joseph Morgan aka Klaus Mikaelson

Klaus is one of the most interesting characters
in the whole world of "The Vampire Diaries"
How could you not fall in love (even slightly!)
with such a handsome villain?

You'll be surprised when you find out where
Joseph Morgan met his wife!
On the set of "The Vampire Diaries!"
And now Bonnie officially has a step-father!
Persia White played Bonnie's witch vamp mother
on TVD.

The news about Joseph and Persia dating slightly
surprised everyone, as they didn't spend much
on-screen time together. But you know, love is love!
3 years after their meeting, the couple tied
the knot at a private wedding ceremony.
“It had a very rustic feel to it,” Persia
told People magazine.

“There was nothing about it that was overwhelming
or very huge or fabulous in that way”.
She explained: “We tried to keep everything
really intimate and beautiful and sort of
getting along with nature”.
These two are still going strong!

Danielle Campbell aka Davina Claire

Such a pretty young witch couldn't stay with no job for a long time.
Her participation in the new TV show was announced
last January. Tell Me a Story, from The Vampire Diaries
and Scream's Kevin Williamson reimagines the
world’s most beloved fairy tales as a dark a psychological thriller with a twisted plot.

Despite quite a young age, Danielle has an interesting list of ex's.
Back in August 2015, she dated Actor Tyler Posey for a short time.
However, the couple broke up after a short

while, and Danielle started forming a romantic relationship with Louis Tomlinson. But this couple separated after dating for
a year in December 2016 without stating the reason for their break-up.
Danielle started dating her The Originals
co-star Nathaniel Buzolic in 2017.

The couple who are lovers on the screen of The Originals was about to get engaged at the end of season 4 of the show.
However, in real life, the pair seemed to
have broken up as they were not spotted together
after the vacation.

Danielle has recently been developing a closer
relationship with The Originals' co-actor Colin Woodell
The rumors started last spring when the two
started sharing each other's pictures on their
Instagram accounts.

Later Danielle shared a picture of Colin and
she together via Instagram which further raised
the suspicions of their romance.

Steven Krueger as Josh Rosza

Before The Originals, Steven Krueger only appeared in episodes, so the role of Josh Rosza became a breakthrough for him.
However, we can't say anything about his current

Last spring in an inter he said that back then, besides acting for the show, he was involved in "Ryan Hansen Solves Crimes on
Television" And that's it!

We don't know anything about his relationships besides the rumors of him being gay and dating the co-actor Colin Woodell.
But we have already told you that Colin is not gay for sure.
So these rumors will just stay rumors.

Yusuf Gatewood aka Vincent Griffith 

This actor isn't dying of boredom after the end of the show either.
Yusuf Gatewood landed the lead role in the NBC drama pilot "In Between Lives" He will also play Famine in the upcoming Amazon
adaptation of the Neil Gaiman-Terry Pratchett
novel "Good Omens."

The actor has been keeping his private life from the limelight
He doesn't have an Instagram account, so we can't find any hints.

Riley Voelkel aka Freya Mikaelson

Riley Voelkel has been cast for a recurring role on the upcoming Roswell, New Mexico. TV show comes from was created by Carina Adly
Mackenzie In her new role, Voelkel will reunite with
her Originals co-star Nathan Parsons, who
plays Max.

There is nothing to be sure about her relationship but the pictures on Instagram tell us a lot. Apparently, Riley is seeing Mike Robertson,
judging by the pictures that speak for themselves
But we don't know any details

Danielle Rose Russell aka Hope Mikaelson

You have probably heard about the spin-off of The Originals, Legacies. Well, you definitely have if you watched The Originals
And even though Danielle has been a part of the main cast for just one season, she's landed

a leading role in the spin-off We know nothing of a 20-year old actress's relationship, and her social media accounts
don't give any hints.

you Can Watch the list on Youtube

 By the way, how did you like Legacies?

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