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Legacies Ships: Who Should be Endgame with Hope Mikaelson? (Poll)

Legacies Ships: Who Should be Endgame with Hope Mikaelson? (Poll)

First of all English is not My Main Language so I apologize for any mistake
Welcome Back NationTV, Legacies is not different than the spin-offs, Legacies like Vampire Diaries there are love stories and as usual, a brother falls in love with a girl and the other brother falls in love with her as well. I think this is a law in the vampire diaries Universe,

Legacies Ships: Who Should be Endgame with Hope Mikaelson? (Poll)

  • Landon With Hope

Landon With Hope Legacies

But Legasis is a little different from the rest in the relationships where Hope Mikaelson, Klaus's daughter, falls in love with the young Landon in the original series, but there is no place for Landon in the life of Hope when she was with her family, but this did not prevent the two from falling in love with each other, later they meet in the Spin-off Legacies, they had an Epic Love with each other yet before he discovers his powers he felt useless as Hope always saved him from any danger, but he is so in love with her but we never know who the girl will end up with really maybe what happen with Elena happen with her,

  • Rafael With Hope, 

Rafael With Hope, Legacies

As usual in the vampire diaries of the other brother who comes to get his brother's girlfriend, Rafael asked Hope for help Lizzie’s birthday, but a witch tapped them inside the gym and later Raphael admits to Hope that he did make out with Lizzie, but Raphael did not fall in love with any girl from school. But he fell in love with Hope, but he could not get her because she is his brother girlfriend he always hides his feeling toward Hope because of Landon his Brother and he does not want to hurt his brothers

  • Clarke With Hope

Clarke With Hope Legacies

Rafael was not Landon's real brother, but they considered each other as Brother's. Landon didn't know his family but later Clarke came from the Malivore Pit. and he talks to Landon and explains to him that they are real brother's and that their father is Malivore

Clarke was always evil and wanted to kill his father, after several episodes, Clarke was locked up in the school and he had a romantic moment with Hope, as hoping let leaving to go back to the pit, but didn't because the Necromancer reached him before he jumps into the Pit and Killed him,

  • Josie With Hope

Josie With Hope Legacies

Josie always supported Hope, unlike her sister Lizzie who always hated Hope for stealing her light in the School, every time Josie fall in love with someone Lizzie come and steal him from her, but later we saw that Josie is Gay, and she admitted it in front of Lizzie and Hope that She had a Crush on Hope and she said "I didn't want Lizzie to know the truth that I had a crush on you"

So from all those four Ships Which one do you like and think that should be endgame with Hope?

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