Note: I apologize for the mistakes in the articles, English is my second language

5 Most Heroic Things Lucifer has Done

Note: I apologize for the mistakes in the article, English is my second language

5 Most Heroic Things Lucifer has Done

5 Most Heroic Things Lucifer has Done

Lucifer series is an exceptionally interesting character. It conflicts with its core, traditionally tends to pleasure practices, and advocates the adherence to free will. It is a living embodiment of "do as thy will".

Without much regard for the world as a whole, it seems surprising that he would even be able to commit acts of heroism. After all, selfishness is an integral part of the world view that it claims. Throughout the series, however, and amid atrocities, one can expect the literal devil, Lucifer appears willing to protect and improve the lives of those he loves. These five times acted heroically.

Saving Chloe

When the series begins, Lucifer is interested in Det. Chloe Decker stems from her status as an anomaly. she is not influenced by his powers, looks, or general prowess in most of his endeavors. The fallen angel finally discovers that just her presence makes him vulnerable to death.

By the fourth season, though, Lucifer had accepted and admitted that he loved Chloe's legit. It is an anomaly due to his feelings towards her instead of the other way around. When a bad photographer throws an ax at Det. Decker to silence her, Lucifer gladly jumps on her way despite the danger to his life. In one of the most touching scenes of this season, Lucifer told her that he would do this over and over to protect her from danger. he also saved her in season 3 when Cain's gang started shooting at him he protected Chloe with his wings despite that he was vulnerable that hurts him like a son of ***,

Standing Up For Trixie

Lucifer has always had complicated feelings about children, and especially Trixie, Chloe Decker's daughter.
It is clear that The Devil is not good at dealing with children and why simply because they don't go to hell

One of the most prominent scenes in which Lucifer showed interest in the detective daughter at the beginning of the series when he discovered that Trixie is Chloe daughter and that she was in trouble with a girl who was bullied, Lucifer helped her by showing his eye's to the bully girl,

And also in the fourth season, when killers were heading for Lucifer’s house to kill him, Trixie was by accident at Lucifer’s house, but Lucifer saved her from the gunshot with Eve.

 Banning Demonic Possession

This may seem a simple thing from the devil to prevent demonic possession, but this proves that Lucifer strongly believes in free will and when a demon takes possession of a person this makes this person, not in control of his actions and this makes Lucifer very angry when this rule is disobeyed,

When in the fourth season a pair of Demons appeared to Lucifer, he was prepared to unleash his full fury at them for robing those victims free will, but he showed mercy to them and told them to return without doing anything, but in the end, Lucifer did not let them wander the earth and returned them to hell.

Retaking Hell's Throne

When Lucifer left Hell and decided to stay on the earth in the fourth season, demons appeared and they wanted their king to return to Hell, and Lucifer was left with two options to return to Hell and control the demons or stay at Earth with Chloe and make the Earth Hell.

But he accepted his responsibility and returned to hell not only to protect Chloe or his friends, but he also protected the entire earth if Lucifer refused to return. We could say that earth will become the second hell, and despite his life on the earth, but Lucifer gave up his life and returned to the job that he hates because of he thinks that this job is a curse placed on him by his father

Overall Motivation

It becomes clear during the show that Lucifer's main motivation concerns justice for victims, as he relates to them on a very visceral level. Thinking like he was stripped of his destiny for questioning God, he usually experiences some amount of countertransference with those he thinks also had their fates stolen from them.

Lucifer always seeks justice for innocent people. Lucifer has shown throughout the series that he loves torturing the bad guys sometimes Lucifer does not let the bad guys die easily not before torturing them with the punishment that suits them

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