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The Vampire Diaries - 5 Similarities (5 Differences) Between Klaus And Damon

The Vampire Diaries - 5 Similarities (5 Differences) Between Klaus And Damon
The Originals and The Vampire Diaries, featured epic stories that center about the family, especially two brothers. In every show, One Brother that Good Like (Elijah and Stefan), the other brother represents the Bad (Klaus and Damon). Although, of course, things weren't so easy. The complexity of each brother was revealed throughout the show.

However, The Bad Guys Klaus And Damon have a lot of similarities with each other, Here we are going to list 5 similarities and 5 differences between the two Bad Brother's

5 Similarities (5 Differences) Between Klaus And Damon

10 Similar: Daddy Issues:

We Know that Klaus Ran for Centuries from his stepfather Mikael, The Vampire who hunt Vampire, Mikael didn't want anything than Killing Klaus after he knew that Klaus wasn't his own son after they turn into vampires Mikael was all about hunting Klaus down, and Mikael became the only one who Klaus fears, also, Damon's father constantly disapproved of him, but in the end, Damons stops and didn't want his father approval anymore, since then, he keeps 

Damon on the other hand, don't have a lot of daddy issues like Klaus, however, he still has them, Damon Father always Favored Stefan, He maintains the insecurity that others prefer Stephen to him as his father had done previously

9 Different: Control And Chaos:

Klaus is all-powerful and everything but he loves to control everything and everyone around him, like his sister when she loves someone he kills them or who know about his child, Even when Klaus allows other to see his Vulnerable side, like his Sessions with Cami, However, Klaus always controls how they and erases their memories of anyone who he wants

Damon, unlike Klaus, he loves chaos, he doesn't care about the rules he always breaks them, unlike Klaus, Damon doesn't care about power, he is like an agent who works in the shadows,

8 Similar: Punishes Their Sibling(S):

When Vampire Diaries aired we saw Damon coming back for his Brother, he did everything to Punish Stefan, he Killed Stefan friend Lexi, Damon doesn't care about what Stefan think instead, he blames Stefan for making him complete the Vampire transformation,

Well, Klaus has a Special Punishment for all of his Siblings, we Know that The Originals don't die from anything only White oak Stake, but Klaus has Daggers that keep his siblings inline those Daggers made especially for The Originals Vampire's they make them go to sleep it looks like they died but if you remove the dagger they come-back to life, Klaus daggered Finn for almost his Vampire Life,

7 Different: Age And Power:

Klaus is one of The Originals Vampire he's even Original Hybrid, Which makes him even more powerful than the originals, Klaus is known as the oldest vampire in the Vampire Community, he sired many vampires across the centuries, Klaus Proven that he is the strongest Vampire back in The Vampire Diaries, When Damon was bitten with a werewolf bite, Klaus heald him with his blood

if Klaus didn't heal him, we wouldn't see Damon to grown and be the badass Vampire in the Vampire Diaries, Even at Klaus weakest moment, he still is stronger than Damon

6 Similar: Changed For Another:

Klaus hasn't care about anything for Centuries but when his daughter Hope, came he realize that his past is going to hunt him down with the Enemies that he made, However, Klaus change his path to protect his Child from any soul that wish to harm her, he starts to trust his siblings, Like Caroline did before Hope made Klaus Merciful and a Beautiful Father unlike Mikael

Damon was like Klaus he doesn't care about the rules instead he always does bad things to innocent or Bad but since he fell in love with Elena she changed him for the better he starts to stop doing what he did in the past, but don't come near Elena or anyone he loves

5 Different: Family Loyalty:

The Original Family created the Epic Vow, " Always and Forever" despite Klaus daggering his Siblings, he loves his family, he proven that many time in the Originals, he even let Marcel capture him for 5 years just to protect his family, Klaus care deeply for his family, especially his sister Rebekah and Elijah

Damon care about his brother Stefan, but he doesn't care about the rest of his family, Back in Season 1 he Killed the Salvatore descendant who has been keeping the house, he doesn't care about them he even didn't care about his mother when she was dying, he only cares about Stefan,

4 Similar: Is A Romantic:

Damon came back to Mystic falls to Save Katherine, the thought that she was trapped underneath the Church, Damon was the one who wanted to be Vampire to be with Katherine, When he thought that Katherine was dead that broke him but later he falls in love with Elena

Klaus Maybe knowen for his Ruthless Reputation, but he has his own Charm, he came back to Mystic falls for Caroline High school Graduation, and Telling her Tayler is your first love I intend to be your last, later we see him with Cami on the Originals

3 Different: Develops Strong Friendships:

Klaus doesn't care for those who are not his own blood Apart from Marcel And Cami, While Klaus prefers to consider Marcel his son more than a friend, Klaus doesn't have strong Friendships, everyone knows that Klaus can change his mind and choose his family over friends

While Damon develops strong friendships, in Vampire Diaries bonnie hated Damon, but later when they were imprisoned in the Hell-World, they became best friends, he also has a strong friendship with Alaric 

2 Similar: Villains In Search Of Redemption:

Damon and Klaus were talking together in the Vampire Diaries, about how Elena Forgive him after what he did, Damons said to him " Some people are just more capable of Forgiveness than other, and later he says to Klaus " if you're going to be bad, be bad with purpose, otherwise you're just not worth forgiving," this was a great moment between the two 

Klaus' whole arc in The Originals is about redemption. Klaus being a Father to hope gave him a good chance to change for the better, while his family are separating from him, they all especially Elijah was always seeking Klaus Redemption

1 Different: Wants To Be Understood:

While Klaus Knowen as the Big Bad Wolf, he isn't really who he claims to be, Klaus just want to be understood, he even proves that with Compelling Camil and telling her his history and that he just wants people to understand him, and that he is like that just because of what his parents did to him, apart from Mikael hunting him or his mother denied him from his werewolf side,

Despite Damon Friendships with other, Damon doesn't seek to be understood, Damon doesn't feel like he needs to tell someone about his life story, he loves to keep his life private to himself

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