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Best 3 Ways - To Grow a Thicker Beard (With Pictures)

There is no confirmation of a man's virility more than his ability to grow a thick beard. There's something uniquely empowering about it, which makes you think that you can wrestle a bear or catch fish with your bare hands. It takes more than avoiding the shaver, it takes time, time, and an incredible ability to resist rubbing. Here are some helpful tips on how to grow a Thicker beard like Gandolfe's Bear in Lord of the Rings.

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Method (1) Beard trimming

Avoid wanting to trim the beard too soon

Do not approach your new beard with scissors or a shaver for at least four weeks. Hair growth rate varies from person to person, so some areas of your face may take longer the rest. Be patient and wait until you see the maximum length of your beard before you start trimming it.

Choose a shape for your beard 

After letting nature run its course for four to six weeks, start thinking about the shape of your beard you want. You can leave it as suggestive of undeniable strength and virility, or you can get a stylized shape like a mustache and a beard like a goat beard, a goatee, a stout beard length of the chin, or an unusually long beard.

Cut the ends of your beard

If you settle down in the shape of the beard you want, you can start trimming it if this is your first time. I advise you to go to a barber, although finding a good barber has become difficult these days.
    • If you are going to cut the ends of your beard yourself, you should use a good shaver to define the neckline before trimming the rest of the beard. It is best to leave the cheek line in order to avoid a strange beard.

Use shampoo and conditioner periodically

Your beard needs attention. Try washing it with shampoo daily or almost daily, to keep it clean and free from any food stuck with it (sometimes this happens) and use conditioner every now and then to strengthen your beard hair and make it look thicker.

Use a protective oil

If you expose your beard to harsh chemical or environmental factors such as skiing or swimming in a pool filled with chlorine water. You should apply a light layer of oil, such as jojoba or grapeseed oil, to protect the hair of your beard from losing natural oils.

If all these attempts fail, wait a year or two, your beard may not have grown as intended, do not lose hope and try again after several years. 

Facial hair growth increases with time so you see full beard in older men.

Method (2) Maximizing Beard Growth

Eat well

Take care of your body through healthy eating because this promotes the growth of the beard heavily. Hair consists of protein, so eating more protein-rich food enhances the amount of saturated fat in the body such as nuts, fish and eggs, thus increasing the level of testosterone in the body and thus obtain a thick and healthy beard.
    • All green leafy vegetables, such as spinach and cabbage, this type of vegetable is a good addition to your diet that helps your body metabolize the female hormone estrogen in your body leaving a higher level of testosterone.
    • You should avoid eating unhealthy, high-sugar. These foods are nutritionally free and contribute to weakening and breaking the hair twist.

I regularly take a dietary supplement

Eating vitamins is an excellent way to improve hair health and stimulate beard growth. Perhaps one of the best hair growth enhancers is Peyton, which is found in pharmacies and health stores. It is recommended to take 2.5 mg of butane daily.
    • Hair nutritional supplements include vitamin B1, B6, and B12. With linseed oil and nettle oil.
    • There is a dietary supplement called "VitaBread" intended to stimulate the growth of facial hair, and also helps to reduce the intensity of the desire to scratch your chin because it helps to regulate the production of natural skin oils. You can buy it from online store.


Regular exercise contributes to the growth of a thick and healthy beard because exercise is released by the production of the hormone testosterone and improves blood circulation. A good bloodstream that carries the vitamins needed for skin and hair through the blood. Try mixing muscle building and cardio exercises together for the best results.

Get enough rest

Sleep is very important to allow body cells to repair themselves, which is an important process for hair growth. Your general health depends on how much sleep you get regularly. Try to sleep seven to eight hours a day. Also, try as little tension as possible. Stress causes hair loss.

drink water

No, your beard is not a transplant, the sooner you drink water that grows, but drinking water is important for body functions and improves overall health. Water flushes out toxins from the body and keeps the skin hydrated, all of which help grow thicker beard hair.

Method (3) Beard growth basics

Choose a person you wish to beard 

Beard growth needs commitment and time. Sometimes you will feel that you despair and want to shave your chin. For times like this, it is helpful to choose a person you wish to have a beard. Think of his appearance with a beard to inspire you when you need it. Hang this guy's picture in the bathroom to give you the strength you need to reach your goal.
    • Some examples of men with a wonderful and fully grown beard: John Lennon and Jim Morrison. And philosophers such as Karl Marx and Sigmund Freud. And former presidents such as Abraham Lincoln and mythology gods like Zeus.

Ignoring erroneous information, such as shaving the chin periodically, causes it to grow dense
 twice more than before 

There is no scientific truth stating this, after shaving the chin, facial hair passes through a growth spurt at first and then returns to its normal growth rate, or perhaps slower.
    • You also think that this suggestion grows more intensely only because the hair roots are denser and darker than the hair wrap, but once the hair grows to a certain length you will not notice the difference.
    • For a better result, your best bet is to leave your facial hair, move the razor away from it and let nature take its course.

Leave it for four to six weeks

Beard is supposed to take four to six weeks to grow. It is difficult at first when the facial hair is uneven and attracts the comments of friends and family who do not know your goal to have a wonderful beard.
    • For this reason, it is best to start launching your beard to grow on a summer vacation or vacation from work. Until critical eyes are required in the first weeks of beard release.

Learn to deal with itching

One of the most common problems beard owners face is their desire to itch. Often the skin becomes infected during the growth of the beard and causes you to want to scratch it continuously. Fight this feeling! Wash your face with a gentle cleanser and use an itchy moisturizer to moisturize dry, congested skin.
    • If the itching is intolerable to your nerves, use a hydrocortisone cream of 1% concentration that should relieve you.
    • Remember that this itch is temporary and will go away once the beard reaches a certain length.

Wash your beard with anti-dandruff shampoo

You can wash your beard with anti-dandruff shampoo several times a week to relieve you from wanting to itch and get rid of dead skin that spoils the shape of the beard. You can also use a small amount of conditioner to keep your beard soft and healthy.

Be aware that the rate of beard growth and density is strongly dependent on the genetic factor

Unfortunately, there is no magic solution that allows you to grow a dense and wonderful beard. The beard you can grow depends on the genetic factor (thank you dad) and the level of testosterone your body produces naturally. As a result, you are dealing with the beard that you already got with attempts to make it in the best possible condition and stimulate it to grow.


  • Avoid facial hair treatments that promote beard growth because they have not received FDA approval and have caused skin inflammation and acne.

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