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Fast & Furious 9 - Why Jason Statham Isn't Returning for fast 9

Fast & Furious 9 - Why Jason Statham Isn't Returning for fast 9

Why Jason Statham Isn't Returning for fast & Furious 9

Jason Statham will not play Deckard Shaw in "Fast 9" for a very mundane reason: He has been busy filming Hobbs and Shaw. In his first series in Fast & Furious 6, Shaw quickly established himself as a prominent villain. In one of the past snapshots, he appeared while driving Han on the back road in the movie "The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift". Then a villain transformed into Furious 7, Fate of the Furious made a huge effort to recover Shaw, and he ended up making Dum part of the family despite what he had done.

Thanks to the strong performance of Jason Statham and his unexpected chemistry with Dwayne Johnson Luke Hobbs, he was chosen to be one of the leads of the separate Hobbs & Shaw. The fans of the series well-received it and became one of the best films that made money in 2019. Despite its success, the default Movie is the reason why Statham will not be in the F9. While Johnson had a feud with Vin diesel that caused the Fate of the Furious fate, Statham's absence from F9 related to Hollywood logistics in Hollywood.

Specifically, Jason Statham was not on Fast 9 due to scheduling conflicts. In an interview with MTV News, Dwayne Johnson stated that F9 was preparing to start production while he and Statham were interviewing and promoting Hobbs and Shaw. Specifically, he says, “As of now, we are not on Fast 9 because they are preparing to start filming. But who knows at 10 and down the road, you never know.
Why Jason Statham Isn't Returning for fast & Furious 9
Shaw's absence from the F9 sits strangely with the fans, and many have not left the fact that Han, the favorite character, was killed without Shaw facing justice. As Han returns in the F9 trailer, it will look like the perfect opportunity to recreate that. Han is alive again and there is an opportunity for Shaw to face what he has done. If there are a time and place to redemption, you'll be here, but you may have to wait until 10 Fast 10, which Statham may still be part of.

There's also the possibility for Hobbs & Shaw to complicate matters a little. There is still confirmation of one yet, but given his financial success, he appears to have a no-brainer. Statham was the producer of the first Hobbs & Shaw movie and will most likely continue with the sequel. This might get in the way of him appearing in future installments of the main franchise, which requires a greater commitment in time to be an actor and producer, as well as the possibility of other scheduling issues. This indicates a greater future for Shaw in the spindle world, though he hopes to be able to appear in the latter part of the main series. If nothing else, fans (and producers) who are calling for justice for Hahn are demanding this.

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