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Melissa Benoist and costar husband Chris Wood reveal she’s pregnant

Melissa Benoist and Chris Wood reveal she’s pregnant 

Melissa Benoist and Chris Wood reveal she’s pregnant

Welcome Back Nation TV, Melisssa Benoist who plays Supergirl's delivered some amazing news on Wednesday. 

Melissa is expecting her First Child with her Husband Who is Kai Parker in Vampire Diaries and also Moon-El on Supergirl Chris Wood
The couple published a photo on Instagram with baby Clothes and her Husband Chris apparently carrying the child,

After Supergirl Show was Renewed recently for a Sixth Season in The CW, it's still unclear if the pregnancy will affect the production, The CW typically uses a year-round schedule airing scripted originals during the whole year so that means that Supergirl might Star Earlier in Season 6, still, nothing came out yet the actor will likely reveal the decision in the coming months,

melissa Benoist Instagram

The CW has a lot of Series on set for next summer, so moving Supergirl almost seems like a reasonable choice, except the series opts to enter production as scheduled. 

the pregnancy could be written in the storyline, we are not sure yet, the Super actress Melissa Married Chris in September 2019 after they worked together in Supergirl, Chris left the show in Season 3 but he came back for the 100th Episode,

we would like to congratulate the happy couple! and wish for them a happy life with each other forever

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