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Everything you Need to Know About Google Tangi: Download link (2020)

Google Tangi: Google New app short video Making app (Like Tiktok)

Google Tangi: Google New app short video Making app 

Everything has become easier thanks to the Internet, as you can today search for any question or any inquiry to find detailed answers and illustrative steps that make it impossible for anyone to help. To this end, Google launched the Tangi application, especially for those looking for creative solutions and ideas in various fields.

Today, if you want to learn how to do anything, you will automatically go to YouTube, where you will find videos with detailed practical steps to solve your problem. Hence, the Tangi app has the same goal, which is to publish educational videos or videos with inspiring ideas and then share them with everyone within what looks like an integrated social network.

But it is strange to see an application from Google that may compete with YouTube, but the main difference in the Tangi app is that it is only for publishing short videos with a maximum length of 60 seconds that makes the videos condensed, brief and maybe more useful away from the procrastination that we see in some educational videos On YouTube, on the other hand, a 60-second limit will not be sufficient to communicate all ideas, and thus you will find yourself on YouTube again.

In the application interface you will find a group of different classifications to facilitate finding videos that suit your interests and these classifications are: cooking, arts, fashion, things that you can do yourself and others and after our experience of the application we can say that it is a very special place to find creative ideas and give you the necessary inspiration in your daily life in a similar way The famous Pinterest app, and we also believe that Google will add more rankings as technology if the application is successful.

It is also clear that Google is trying to enter the competition in the world of short videos, especially after the overwhelming success of the TikTok application and the launch of the new Byte application, and as we have said since the videos on this application will be short, we do not think that it will replace YouTube, but will be like a younger brother.

While browsing the videos on the application, you will find a Try it button, which allows you to save the idea of ​​the video to try it on your own, and then you can photograph your own experience to share it on the platform and see whether the basic video is useful or not, and as is the case on any other application, you will find a place to post comments and likes, in addition, to Follow the accounts that interest you.

The application is currently available for download on iOS devices only, which is strange to see that Google ignores devices running its own operating system. If you are an Android device user, you should go to the application site and try it within the browser only.

In any case, the application is still in the beta phase, meaning that Google will be watching users ’reaction and opinion about it before you make its decision to keep it or stop it completely, what do you think of the idea of the application? Do you see a future for him as a competitive application for TikTok and others?

google tangi app download for android

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