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Are we going to see a Lucifer Season 6?

Are we going to see a Lucifer Season 6

Everything You Need to know About Lucifer Season 5

Welcome Back Nation TV, Tom Ellis has recently Finalised a deal at Netflix to continue playing the role of Lucifer on Show Lucifer, which mean that we might see Lucifer Season 6 coming soon

after Netflix picked up Lucifer after the show was canceled by Fox while the show had only 3 seasons on fox Netflix said they will pick it up for 2 more seasons which mean lucifer will end in season 5 and Netflix recently published season 4 with only 10 episodes, and season 5 was only 10 episodes too but Netflix expanded the show to 16 episodes and will air on two parts, According to TVLine, Tom Ellis contract is now officially extended to possibly the sixth season of lucifer, and if that is not enough the showrunners  Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson have confirmed their deals and they will work on Lucifer with Netflix in season 6 if it happened, 

there are several cast members, including Tom, has already expanded their contracts if not all of them to stay at Netflix if lucifer continue to season 6, 

Tom Ellis Signs for Season 6 at Netflix

Lucifer Season 4 was released in May 2019 Netflix released only 10 Episodes and Netflix continued after Fox season 3 ending with Chloe sees Lucifer True Devil Face, and she runs away from Lucifer to process what she saw and she meets priest that wanted to banish the devil back to hell and Chloe was ready to work with him,

but eventually, Chloe rejected the priest offer after she saw that Lucifer was willing to do anything to protect her and he doesn't lie to her, and the return of his first girlfriend Eve the first woman and the original sinner, and Linda was pregnant with Amenadiel Child Charlies, but in the end, the final episode we saw the Devil return to Hell once again to stop the Demons from escaping hell to earth, 

we will see on season 5 how will Lucifer get out of Hell without the demon getting out like season 4, and it's official now that God Will make his first appearance on the show we don't know yet will he be on lucifer side or why he is coming,  Lucifer season 5 now is in his last Weeks of Production we will be seeing Season 5 Soon enough hopefully we see more Seasons of the Devilish Show

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