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The Vampire Diaries - Try And Finish This Hard Vampire Diaries Quiz

The Vampire Diaries - Try And Finish This Hard Vampire Diaries Quiz

 Welcome Back Nation, Vampire Diaries The Show Who Made Us Love The Vampire's The Show Started With Stefan Diarie About Katherine The Girl Who Fall In Love With The Two Brother's Stefan Salvatore And Damon Salvatore But This Was Long Time Ago so Stefan Decided To Go Back Home In Mystic Falls To Find out The doppelganger Elena Gilbert Who Looks Exactly Like Katherine Pierce 

So The Show Keeps Going And introduces new Character's And Ian As Damon Salvatore Promises his Brother Paul As Stefan Salvatore That He will make His Brother Life Living Hell So He Return To Mystic Falls And While He Returned Bunch Of People Started To Get Killed About An Animal Attack But Stefan Thinks That He Did This and he have no idea That His Big Brother Come Back Home The Second He Find out That Damon Is Back He Attacks Him But Stefan Was Drinking Animal Blood That Makes Him Weak Meanwhile His Brother Damon Love To Feed On Humans And Kills Them And This How The Show Started 

So Today We Have Big Bad Quiz To All TVD Fans Only The True Fan's Can Solve it Try And Finish This Hard Vampire Diaries Quiz And Tell Us How many you Did Right 

Elena Gilbert

As a human, she's the sociable popular girl in class and therefore the girl nearby. She's compassionate, friendly but she will even be pushy, judgmental, selfish, sometimes prying into other peoples' business, Elena is also athletic and a cheerleader. Her favorite hobby is writing in her journal and says that she's always wanted to be a writer. Elena's "dark side" from the books as a person isn't explored because it "didn't ever desire a characteristic" the show wanted for his or her heroine. Elena's real dark side is her " deep connection to other people". Elena's always surrounded by drama. She's always helping around in her town issues and Caroline calls her the mothering type.

Like daughter like mother Elena always believes in family, honor. She is shown to be consistently polite, calm and composed, though susceptible to great anxiety and panic. Despite being something of a skeptic, she features a vivid internal life. She is extremely introverted. She is brave and self-sacrificing, though much of her willingness to save lots of others seem to return from survivor's guilt over her parent's death. She features a strong backbone and never displays a way of inferiority. However, Elena also can be a hypocrite, and gradually becomes more and more self-absorbed because the seasons continue, but undergoes several huge changes thanks to trauma, stress, loss and eventually healing. Elena exalts personal choice and is understood for her forgiving nature.

Katerina Petrova

In her youth, Katherine was a young and delightful girl who was punished by her family for having a toddler out of wedlock. After she was banished from Bulgaria, she relocated to England and seemed quite capable of creating independent and intelligent choices. Katerina was described as a caring and kind person. She was quick to adapt to her relocation and enjoyed socializing and playing games with others. Katerina was also known to fall quick for men and yearned to be within the affections of others, even declaring to Elijah that life wasn't worth living if they didn't believe love. Despite her banishment from Bulgaria and estrangement together with her relatives, Katerina maintained an affection for them and was particularly on the brink of her mother.

Bonnie Bennett

At the start of the series, Bonnie was a good-hearted, bubbly, sweet, fun-loving, spirited and optimistic individual. With regard to people, Bonnie is described to be kind, warm, sympathetic, caring, compassionate, empathetic, selfless, and self-sacrificing. Bonnie has shown that she makes a really loving, devoted, loyal and caring friend. Bonnie might be considered to be a really spiritual person and she or he originally identifies herself as a psychic before discovering her identity as a witch also as her witch heritage.

In the beginning, Bonnie was an optimistic one that always chose to ascertain the positive in things. However, because the series goes on and Bonnie begins to suffer immense grief, loss, pain, and tragedy also because of the losses of individuals on the brink of her (most notably, her Grams and Jeremy), she begins to become a way more serious and even depressive person. Although she has shown that she is usually a positive and optimistic person, she has also shown that she is capable of being depressive, withdrawn, martyring, and apathetic. Her grief was shown to be so bad that Bonnie had even left town for a couple of weeks so as to flee.

Despite all the pain, loss and suffering that she has endured, Bonnie still remains rather strong, especially within the face of danger and adversity. She has shown that she is willing to place her own personal pain on the rear burner so as to concentrate on the requirements of her loved ones. It might be argued that Bonnie is far too emotionally invested or involved within the lives of her friends and this is often probably the rationale why Bonnie never seems to seek out an extended period of contentment or happiness. Bonnie remains the one that is deeply loyal to her friends even though all of the challenges that they need to be faced.

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  1. There's 7 Mikaelson Siblings.
    1. Freya
    2. Finn
    3. Elijah
    4. Niklaus
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