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Lucifer - Can you Recognize These Characters?

Lucifer - Can you Recognize These Characters

Lucifer - Can you Recognize These Characters
 After fan protests, petitions, and even Tom Ellis himself spoke out, the show was saved as Netflix swooped in to select up Lucifer for a fourth season.

Said fourth season is now within the books, and Lucifer is indeed gearing itself up to premiere its fifth season at some point next year. Unfortunately for fans of the show, however, Netflix has already confirmed that Season 5 will finally bring the series to a correct close - but a minimum of Lucifer gets to travel out how the creative team intended, instead of simply being axed and left in limbo on a cliffhanger.

Which Character From Lucifer Are you

In its four seasons so far, fans have seen Lucifer Morningstar and his supporting characters undergo quite the array of emotions as they've had to battle all kinds of otherworldly threats and sinister shenanigans. How well does one remember those adventures, though?

That's what we're looking to determine here, as we've put together a quiz that even the most important Lucifer fan will struggle to urge 100% on.

Lucifer is now only 4 Seasons and The 5 Season is Coming Very Soon Now To all LuciFan Who Love the Show we got a little Quiz About The Show 

Let's See How Well Do You Remember Lucifer And The Cast That was on The Show As Guest's 

This Quiz is About All The Guest's On The Show Such as Sinner-Man Or Dromos And A lot of Guest's has been on The Show 

Today we Gonna Take This Quiz About Them and Find Out If You Are True Fan Or Not To The Show 

Let's Find Out Shall We? Before You Start The Quiz Know That If you Didn't Watch The Show you Probably not going to do much And don't Spoiler The Show on Yourself so If you didn't watch it go watch The Show First And Then Come Back To The Quiz And Play it 
Start The Quiz And See How Many Character's From Lucifer Show You Can Recognize 


According to Cain, Abel is an "asshat". he's not innocent and after dying ended up in Hell. Why does one think he's in Hell?". His mother Eve, however, stated that Abel was sweet and delicate.

Maze called Abel a "total poon hound", i.e. a womanizer and playboy, adding, "He always runs to food or boobs. Ordinarily boobs." He likes to party also is consistently seeking to urge women. He comes off as an arrogant jerk using pick-up lines like "Let's be fruitful, and multiply? Allow me to bless you with my seed." Maze also described his personality as "caveman Lucifer". (Whether pertaining to Abel's age or his lack of tact is up to debate.)

Abel has an intense fear of Cain and called him his torturer. When Cain came-back to life when Abel killed him, Abel instantly fell to his knees in fear and asked for a quick death. This fear is presumably caused by his Hell loop. 

Due to his hell loop changing such a lot, Abel is slow to note drastic changes. Primarily the very fact he was brought back during an adult female body (despite the apparent difference in anatomy; to not mention all the lads hitting on him.)


The Sinnerman may be a "slightly depraved" criminal mastermind.[1] he's an intimidating figure whose existence scares numerous killers that previously worked for him. Sinnerman was one among the few people to understand Lucifer was the Devil and are available prepared. In their meeting, he was shown to be completely committed to fighting him, as he blinded himself without a reconsideration so as to avoid Lucifer's powers.

He is also quite psychotic as when Chloe Decker offered to require him in quietly, he declined as he claimed their fight was enjoyable. Sinnerman seemed to not value his own life as he attempted to sway Marcus Pierce into killing him.

Candy Fletcher

Candy may be a singer, who inherited her father's nightclub Fletcher's located in Las Vegas. Lucifer met her while he was on the run after Chloe Decker's near-death and he discovers that god puts her on his path. Candy stole from Lucifer to urge money to pay off the club's debts. Lucifer agrees to pay all the debts. Afterward, Candy claims Lucifer saved her life. To return the favor, she agrees to assist him to determine what his mom is planning.

The two pretend to marry and are available to l. a. to satisfy Lucifer's friends and family. While she appears to be a "ditzy bimbo", it's later revealed that her air-headed personality was just an act – one which fooled both Chloe and Lucifer's mother. At the top of "Candy Morningstar", Lucifer thanks her for her help.

When Candy tries to return the diamond ring to him, he tells her to stay it and "I hear divorce is sort of expensive lately ."


Remiel sometimes are often quite stubborn and tends to misunderstand others. She idolizes Amenadiel, her eldest brother. Remiel likes to hunt, especially stags. She holds a coffee opinion of Lucifer for being "a slut", believing HE would create a replacement celestial by mistake. Her most notable trait is her utter lack of concern about blending in with modern humans, as she carries her spear together with her and forgets that humans aren't meant to ascertain her wings.

Marcus Pierce

Firstborn of Adam and Eve, Cain is that the world's first murderer. Cain and his brother, Abel (Cain describing him as an "asshat") had been at one another 's throats for years; their fights got progressively worse to the purpose that they were always trying to kill each other from the start of time until Cain succeeded. After killing his brother, Cain was marked by God and "doomed to steer the world alone for a tortured eternity", being stuck with immortality, his mark-making his body as immortal as his immortal soul. Later it's revealed that Amenadiel was the one that gave Cain his mark on God's orders. Since forever, Cain was always trying to kill himself he even tracks down any angels on earth. He has tried many methods, including dropping into helicopter blades, being eaten by wolves, acidic bath, jumping into a volcano, and "grenade down the throat".

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