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The Vampire Diaries - All 8 Seasons Ranked From Worst to Best

The Vampire Diaries - All 8 Seasons Ranked From Worst to Best

There have been a number of posts dedicated to favorite or least favorite seasons, so I thought it would be interesting to make a post ranking all 8 seasons of the series from worst to best. Every season had its excellent moments and episodes, but some were better than others overall. Below is my ranking, but please note that these are all just my opinions. Differing opinions are certainly welcome. What would your ranking be?
8. Season 5 - There were a few things I enjoyed about this season, such as the finale when The Other Side was destroyed, the prevalence of Katherine, and the possession storyline. There were many plotlines, though, that either failed to reach their potential or were bad in general. The Silas/Tessa stuff was alright, but it ended up being anticlimactic, especially considering all of the build-ups from the previous season. The Augustine episodes could have been a great addition and fresh approach to the show, but they did not amount to much and were sandwiched between too many other storylines; to be honest, this plot may have been better served in season 6 as part of the magic-science theme and an alternative to the memory-wipe drama for Damon/Elena. The worst aspects of the season were the uninteresting Travelers and the unlikable Damon/Elena relationship. Best episode: Home.
7. Season 8 - The last handful of episodes were very strong, and the finale was epic and mostly satisfying. The emotional journeys of the characters were at the forefront, and the show finally focused on the moral consequences of a vampire's actions in a lasting way. The first half of the season, though, was the lowest point in the series (this includes season 5). The strength of the latter half keeps it from the bottom for me, but the Sirens and Tyler's meaningless death were the worst parts of the show. Best episodes: It's Been a Hell of a Ride and I Was Feeling Epic.
6. Season 7 - I thought that the Huntress storyline - with the flash-forwards, a callback to The Five, and culmination with Bonnie in Requiem for a Dream - and the flashbacks to the Salvatores as humans were done pretty well and were rather enjoyable. Stefan's past with Valerie was emotional, intriguing, and did not feel random. Other memorable parts of the season were the continuation of Bonnie and Damon's wonderful friendship, the Bonnie/Enzo relationship, awesome character arc and plots for Bonnie in general, Damon's journey in the Phoenix Stone, and Stefan's time trapped in a human addict's body. However, the Heretics and the Stefan/Caroline/Alaric stuff were mostly either dull or terrible. Valerie was awesome and Nora was tolerable, but the rest of the Heretics/Lily/Julian was uninspired. Also, the season finale was the most unmemorable finale out of all 8. Best episodes: I Went to the Woods and Requiem for a Dream.
5. Season 4 - This was a solid season with a decent amount of emotional moments, character arcs, and notable plots. While the Cure/Silas story began at a too-convenient time in the series, it was enjoyable and well-presented; it was interesting, relevant to the series as a whole, and a fun mystery for the characters to unravel. Jeremy's death and Elena's humanity-less story were big highlights, the Caroline and Klaus saga was great, and Rebekah’s presence was well-utilized. Unfortunately, this season had some serious low points; the Sire Bond, the rushed transition for Elena from Stefan to Damon that negated three seasons of careful build-up for both S/E and D/E and made Elena seem insincere, and the awful treatment of Matt in the first few episodes were nonsensical and not enjoyable. Best episodes: Stand By Me and Graduation.
4. Season 6 - This season is my favorite post-S3 season. It had a new start after the Doppelgänger and The Other Side stories closed out after five seasons, and there were far more good storylines than bad ones. My favorite ones were Bonnie/Damon in the Prison World and their subsequent friendship, Kai and the Gemini Coven’s backstory and present-day conflict, Tyler and Liv’s romance, Bonnie and Kai’s antagonism, Caroline’s goodbye to her Mother Sheriff Forbes, Bonnie’s escape from The Prison World 1994, and Kai's Spell the Sleeping Beauty spell. My least favorite storyline was Elena on witch drugs (she was selfish, nasty, and hypocritical towards Luke), and I was indifferent towards the memory loss plot. Best episodes: Welcome to Paradise, The World Has Turned and Left Me Here, and I'm Thinking of You All the While.
3. Season 1 - TVD is known for its fast-paced and shocking plot developments, but this season took things slower and allowed the viewers to really get to know the characters. Many plot twists were still a part of the season, but the pace was more measured and allowed the character arcs and emotional journeys to breathe. This was important, as it ensured that viewers would care about them when it came time to speed things up in the seasons to follow. This season, also, was the most morally aware and had the most Southern Gothic tone. The 1864 flashbacks, the origins of Stefan/Elena, the exploration of the brothers’ relationship and their journey back toward each other, and the exploration of the history of the town was encompassing. Mine only nitpick of this season is that the first few episodes were not particularly strong. Best episodes: Lost Girls, Miss Mystic Falls, and Blood Brothers.
2. Season 2 - This season was amazing. The writing for the main love triangle was at its best and most emotionally engaging, present-day Katherine was introduced and delightfully evil, we were dramatically introduced to Klaus and Elijah, the plot twists were smart and frequent but never tired, and Caroline and Tyler’s stories - both individually and combined - were excellent. Best episodes: Masquerade, Katerina, The Descent, The Dinner Party, and The Sun Also Rises.
1. Season 3 - This season was perfect. It continued with the epic storylines of season 2, but it slowed down the pace and let the character and emotional arcs breathe more. The best storylines were Damon’s search for Stefan and then his mission to turn him good again, Humanity-less Stefan and then his struggle to feel again, Caroline and Tyler’s romance, Caroline and Klaus’s relationship, Klaus and the Mikaelson Family’s backstory and present-day conflict, The Other Side, Elena choosing Stefan, and Alaric’s emotional death. Best episodes: The Reckoning, Smells Like Teen Spirit, Our Town, Dangerous Liaisons, The Murder of One, Do Not Go Gentle, and The Departed.

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