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Doctor Who - Season 12 Finale Answers Timeless Child & Lone Cyberman Mysteries

Doctor Who will conclude season 12 with a two-part episode and showrunner Chris Chibnall says they'll provide answers to the mysteries of the Lone Cyberman and therefore the Timeless Child. Season 12 was premiered earlier on this year because of the 13th incarnation of The Doctor. Whittaker was brought on at the beginning of season 11 (becoming the primary woman to play The Doctor) after Peter Capaldi stepped faraway from the role. Bradley Walsh, Tosin Cole, and Mandip Gill are once more aboard the TARDIS as companions.

The finale could be answering some lingering mysteries, but this season of Doctor Who has already managed to pack in quite a few surprises. The show surprisingly introduced another version of The Doctor, played by Jo Martin, leaves several questions on where this alternative version of The Doctor fits in on the timeline. The series also brought back fan-favorite Captain Jack Harkness, played by John Barrowman, making his introduction since season 4. Unfortunately, the return was a quick one, and Captain Harkness used his short time back to warn The Doctor’s companions about the Lone Cyberman.

Showrunner Chris Chibnall confirmed to RadioTimes that the mystery of the Lone Cyberman would be explored within the two-part finale. the primary episode of the finale, titled “Ascension of the Cybermen,” will happen at the top of the good Cyber War because the surviving members of humanity bully-off on the last remains of the Cybermen. Chibnall suggests that the episode would keep The Doctor and her companions on the run from persistent threats which will break up the TARDIS crew permanently.

As far because of the final episode, titled “The Timeless Children,” Chibnall had even less to divulge. Without making a gift of any details, he called the episode “epic and private,” stating that fans should watch as soon as they will to avoid any spoilers. The Timeless Child was first introduced back in season 11 and was brought back to light on this season by Doctor great villain The Master, who introduced “The Timeless Child” he left a message to the doctor on the tardis about why he destroyed Gallifrey planet. Chibnall did confirm that in the season 12 finale will be an extra-long, clocking in at 65 minutes.

It certainly looks like there’s getting to be any action to unpack within a previous couple of episodes of this season. While we don’t have all the small print, we do know that, no matter what happens within the finale, Jodie Whittaker is going to be back again for a 3rd season because of the Doctor. Time will only tell whether an equivalent is often said for The Doctor’s loyal companions.

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