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Lucifer - 10 saddest moments from lucifer which broke our hearts

Lucifer - 10 saddest moments from lucifer which broke our hearts

Lucifer - 10 saddest moments from lucifer which broke our hearts

Welcome Nation. The show Lucifer may be about the devil who is a heroic anti-hero trying to work out who he truly is. The devil Lucifer takes an opportunity from the duties of hell and walks the world. he's paired with someone who is genuinely kind and pure human who lives in l. a. alongside her daughter and works as a detective. Chloe Decker’s good side and positive presence bring out the simplest of Lucifer, a side that he never knew possible. While we had already done a piece of writing counting down the simplest Deckerstar moments that deserve a re-watch. Today we'll be covering the saddest moments from the show.

1. It was really painful to see him watch the love of his love taken by someone.


Where Lucifer Was To Lat eTo Tell Chloe His True Feelings That He just had realized the entirety of his relationship with her then have it crushed as he watches the proposal made all the more depressing considering how mean Cain was to Chloe in the prior episode

2. He’s dying, but he’s not concerned about himself, but about Chloe.
S1, E13

Lucifer On Back Shameless and begging to god he's not even sure cares to listen "He wanted a Favor From His Dad Just To Protect Chloe from Malcolm Attack He Though that he is going to die and  can't protect her that scene was absolutely heart-breaking

Lucifer - Season 5 God Is Coming


S1, E07

4. He didn’t mean to, but he had to stop Uriel. Look at the pain on his face,
realizing what he had done.


When He Must Come Back To admit to his own mother to himself that he's once again destroyed something meant to be perfect his angelic brother the worst to me is he seems to be fulfilling his promises to his dad despite his anger he's trying to find a solution for everyone and it only leads to more destruction him vilified in the end

5. This scene is emotional and the song by Banners ‘Start A Riot’ makes it really touching.

S2, E18 

Lucifer having to come to terms with someone who truly cares and helps him being hurt by just connection to him his stuttering and utter loss in trying to apologize to Linda he can't even look her in the eye when he sends his mother away saying goodbye forever that scene was heart-wrenching also when lucifer flippantly tells Amenadiel that their mother/goddess is gone forever after he uses the flaming sword and cat the reality and made her start a new universe without her ex-husband god and the realization sinks in

Lucifer - What Happened to The Goddess

6. One of the most heartbreaking finales ever. 

S4, E10 

Lucifer did so much to turn his life around built a new home in la had friends loved someone, in the end, he had to sacrifice his life and return to hell to save everyone just before he left he found out that his only love Chloe loves him back to which made all the harder to return back this really shows no matter how much you do sometimes it's not enough

7. Charlotte’s sacrifice earned her a place in heaven.
S3, E23

the death of charlotte it's a heartbreaking scene knowing that she protected Amenadiel out of selflessness and he would have died or not for her it's thankfully offset by the happy conclusion when Amenadiel gets his wings back and flies her straight to heaven she earned it after everything she did

8. This is real, isn’t it?

S2, E12

because lucifer discovering his father put Chloe in his path at the end of the episode is just heartbreaking when he walks into that bar and says he feels invincible if someone had shot him at that point with Chloe nearby i truly believe he would have been invulnerable again as beautiful as the Deckerstar moment is earlier in the episode " This is real isn't it" it becomes a gut punch after you've seen that ending

Lucifer - Creator hinted that Chloe could be an Angel

9. Recognizing that even the devil himself can't have all the answers to good and evil in life gave him a great moment of vulnerability.

S1, E09

lucifer grew attached to the priest and his death really shook him the reveal that the priest was actually aware that Lucifer is the devil the entire time was especially heart-wrenching especially when he leaves lucifer with the suggestion that god's plan for him lucifer angrily curses out god and he doesn't understand what it takes to please his father

10. But Lucifer does care about Maze.

S3, E19

that second last scene with maze telling lucifer about her always being the consolation prize is so powerfully sad lucifer cares about her only when he doesn't have Chloe in a way what maze said makes sense lucifer cares about maze all the time but doesn't usually show it because there is noting vulnerable about her she is tough as nails

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