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Will We See Freya Mikaelson in Legacies again

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Seeing Riley Voelkel Aka Freya Mikaelson was a taste of home for Hope Mikaelson and fans of The Vampire Diaries' first spinoff. Actress Riley Voelkel only brought back the powerful Mikaelson witch for 2 scenes on Legacies -- one in New Orleans with Josie Saltzman and one in Mystic Falls to hug her niece Hope. However, we learned quite a bit about Freya's life with Keelin after The Originals finale and fans were left curious to ascertain if Freya would remain an enormous a part of Hope's life.

Will we see Freya again on Legacies? seems like there's (no pun intended) hope!

There's been...conversations. [Laughs.] There are conversations, yes. it had been such fun going back. I hadn't played the character in numerous years, then going back was just super nostalgic. it had been cool to ascertain the new generation and yeah, there is a possibility Freya may show up again. Yeah, there is a possibility.

Yesssss. Hope Mikaelson could use more love from the back range in New Orleans. And Speaking of back home, in Freya's Legacies appearance episode, "That's Nothing I Had to remember," Josie Saltzman visited New Orleans to ask Freya a few spells.

At the time, Freya had no memory of Hope, so when Josie mentioned she was from the Salvatore School, Freya didn't remember she had already been there to go to Hope on The Originals. Instead, she said "Yeah, I've heard of it. My wife's got an eye fixed thereon for our son."
Our son! The Originals ended with Freya and Keelin getting to start a family, with Vincent agreeing to be their surrogate. And Freya Revealed That She Had a Son With Keelin. Not only that, Freya revealed their son's name was Nik, named after Klaus Mikaelson, Hope Mikaelson's own father, .

The second Freya said she had a son named after Klaus -- and mentioned wanting him to go to the Salvatore School someday -- fans started hoping we'd see Nik on Legacies in Season 3, 4, 5, whatever. Maybe there might be a time jump just like the Originals had to go from Hope as a baby to a toddler to a teen?

CinemaBlend mentioned how The Originals fans would like to see Nik on Legacies, perhaps through a time jump. Here's how Riley Voelkel responded:

Where Nik has grown up, yes, yes. I feel the fans would appreciate that yeah.

I don't want to geek out too hard yet, but I'm loving this hope to ascertain Freya back on Legacies and also the thought of keeping Nik involved within the story as a part of the subsequent generation. After all, the show is named "Legacies" and it follows the youngsters of characters from The Vampire Diaries and the Originals. Nik belongs there (and so does Stefanie Salvatore).

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