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Which Character From The Originals Are You? - Take a Quiz

The Originals - Which Original Character Are You 

The Originals Quiz - legacies-klaus mikaelson

Welcome Nation. The Originals has many interesting characters. The series may be a spin-off of the favored supernatural drama TV series ‘The Vampire Diaries’. it's set within the same universe because of the Vampire Diaries. The show focuses on the Mikaelsons, the Originals who are the first vampires, the primary of their kind. the most hero of the series is Klaus Mikaelson who is that the first hybrid. he's the sole werewolf-vampire alive. within the Vampire Diaries, he showed in Mystic Falls as a villain and kidnaps Katerina. He even blackmails Stefan in helping him create more hybrids of Werewolf-vampire.


Speaking of interesting characters. Another amazing character was that of Cami. She was such a sweet character. And it’s a shame what she got because she didn’t deserve it. Cami wanted to stay pure by choosing to not become a vampire. However because Klaus loves her, she became one. After becoming one, her emotions were everywhere the place. And when she adjusted thereto, she became an equivalent old Cami.

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