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The Vampire Diaries - The Best Episode From Each Season According To IMDb

The Vampire Diaries - The Best Episode From Each Season According To IMDb

The Vampire Diaries From the instant Katherine Pierce turned Stefan and Damon Salvatore into vampires in 1864, nothing was ever an equivalent, and that they carried those burdens with them. During the eight seasons, the Salvatore brothers, Elena, Caroline, and Bonnie addressed the first vampires, the Gemini Coven, and maybe worst of all, Katherine Pierce.

Without the success of The Vampire Diaries, Show we wouldn't have gotten The Spinoff The Originals neither Legacies, all of those shows share similar mythology and world. many episodes from The Vampire Diaries did alright on the IMDb, But each season had one superior Episode.

In the season finale, vampires from the tomb attempt revenge on the descendants of those who trapped them in 1864. But, they're not the sole ones with a scheme up their sleeves. John Gilbert plans to use an invention to comb out the vampires in Mystic Falls and kill them. While Stefan and Damon can escape that fate, the remainder suffers in Gilbert's flames. However, the invention doesn't only affect vampires as Tyler Lockwood, and his father both react to the device albeit they're still among the living. While hinting at the chances of what the Lockwoods could be, it also marks the return of Katherine Pierce.

Enough is enough as Katherine has terrorized Mystic Falls for too long. After committing various atrocities, including turning Caroline into a vampire, Stefan and Damon agree it is time for Katherine to die. Gathering a gaggle together, Caroline, Bonnie, Jeremy, and Alaric prepare to require Katherine out.

While the Salvatores came prepared, knowing they needed to outsmart Katherine, they didn't cover all their bases. Katherine tricked the brothers again by secretly linking herself to Elena, ensuring that whatever physical damage is completed to Katherine also happens to her doppelganger. After the link breaks, Damon takes Katherine to the tomb as revenge rather than killing her.

This episode marks the start of Elena's worst fear: becoming a vampire. Elena had told Stefan that she didn't want to become a vampire, but a twisted turn of fate changes the sport. With Alaric running rampant, focused only on killing the Mikaelson family, there are just one thanks to stopping him permanently. Rebekah steps up to guard her family by killing Elena, knowing Alaric will die together with her. This episode is action-packed as various storylines come to some extent. Also featuring flashbacks to only before her parents died, Elena realizes she is once more during a similar situation. even as Elena knew she had to let Matt go a sophomore year, Elena knows the time has come to settle on between Stefan and Damon.

It wouldn't be Graduation day without the likelihood of the planet coming to an end. With the veil lifted, ghosts starting from the villainous Kol Mikaelson to shut friends and family fill Mystic Falls in preparation to fall to the opposite Side or fight to remain on Earth. Silas reveals his pure form to be the first doppelganger of Stefan just before throwing him during a safe and tossing him into the water to drown. Klaus makes a triumphant return to save lots of Damon from dying from exposure to werewolf venom. Yet, all this pales as compared to Elena's big win of the episode. She finally defeats Katherine, turning her human via The Cure.

SEASON 5: HOME (9.0)
The Other Side comes back to play during the season five finale because it collapses around Bonnie and people stuck inside. With Stefan and Bonnie doomed to travel with it at the start of the episode, the stakes have raised to urge them back on the side of the living before the opposite Side vanishes, taking everyone within the process.

A dangerous plan follows Damon and Elena sacrifice themselves to kill the Travelers and stop them from taking up Mystic Falls. because the Other Side is on the brink of disappearing, Bonnie helps as many of us as she will cross back over to the living while Liv casts a spell to assist. Unfortunately, not everyone can return. because the Anchor, Bonnie is supposed to die with the opposite Side, and Damon is trapped on the opposite side after the spell ends.

Nina Dobrev's decision to go away The Vampire Diaries leads the season six finale's justification of her absence. instead of killing Elena, Kai Parker links her life to Bonnie's, and Elena will only awaken once Bonnie dies. Throughout the episode, Elena's friends and family gather to mention good-bye, uncertain whether or not they will live to ascertain her again. together of the more emotional episodes, each good-bye takes place at an appropriate location that Elena shared with everyone. Meanwhile, Kai Parker succeeds in killing his sister and lots of her wedding guests. This also marks the last time that Michael Trevino appears as the main character.

SEASON 7: HELL IS people (8.8)
Trapped inside the Phoenix Stone, Damon struggles to seek out how to return home. Yet, he's stuck within the wartime of 1863, on a mission, repeating moments from earlier in his life. Held during a Groundhog's Day scenario, Damon lives an equivalent day over and over until he confronts the reality he has denied for years. On the surface, his friends attempt to save him, but it's up to Damon to succumb to the reality about his feelings before the Phoenix Stone lets his soul escape.

SEASON 8: I used to be FEELING EPIC (9.3)
In the series finale, Nina Dobrev makes her grand return to Mystic Falls as Elena Gilbert and Katherine Pierce. While Elena remains in an unconscious state, Katherine is out and about mocking the Salvatores and preparing for hellfire to destroy all of Mystic Falls. However, Stefan and Damon have an idea, albeit it calls their lives into question. A grand scheme requires a noble sacrifice, and Stefan steps up to make sure Katherine's permanent death while saving Mystic Falls and Damon. within the end, Bonnie not only directs the hellfire far away from Mystic Falls but breaks the linking spell between herself and Elena. within the last moments, the finale gives a quick explanation of what's happening with each main character before revealing Damon and Elena's fates. once they die, Elena finds peace together with her late relatives while Damon reunites with Stefan.

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