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The Strongest Vampire in The Vampire Diaries

The Strongest Vampire in The Vampire Diaries 

The Top 10 Strongest Vampire in The Vampire Diaries

On The Vampire Diaries has been a lot of Powerful Vampires We Started With Stefan and Damon Salvatore they are ordinary Vampires But came along The Mikaelson Family The Original family The First Vampire in history So Today we gonna list a top 10 strongest Vampire in The Vampire Diaries Show

1 - Alaric Saltzman
Alaric Saltzman Enhanced Vampire

The combination of the Gilbert ring, Elena's blood, and Esther's magic that turns Alaric into a vampire hunter are frightening enough to freak out Klaus. During multiple trips to the opposite Side, Esther instills a deep-seated hatred of vampires and vampire sympathizers into Alaric. Esther creates Mikael 2.0. through Ric, and is stronger and faster than her husband, and he's tasked with wiping out every vampire alive. He cannot be killed, and his weapon, the oak stake, is indestructible.

Ric isn't burdened with guilt or a conscience, and he blows the lid off every cover-up in Mystic Falls, resulting in the capture and torture of each vamp in town. Ric murders people before Esther turns him, and everyone that hatred is magnified upon his transition. regrettable Esther's witchy workaround involves Elena's life being tied to Ric - his only weakness

2 - Klaus Mikaelson
The original hybrid klaus

Equal parts clever and paranoid, Klaus is an ingenious vampire-wolf hybrid. Klaus enjoys all the advantages of being an ingenious vampire alongside the perks of being a werewolf. He creates a military of hybrids sired to supply the unwavering loyalty he feels he doesn't always get from his family. Klaus' blood is that the only cure for a werewolf bite and he uses this to control both Stefan and Tyler.

Klaus is indestructible apart from his daddy issues and therefore the oak stake (another threat emerges post-Mystic Falls). Klaus daggers his siblings repeatedly, but he features a pact with Rebekah and Elijah that they will have each other's backs "always and forever," so that they draw in ranks whenever a threat arises.

3 - Mikael 
Mikael vampire hunter

Mikael is that the vampire who hunts vampires and therefore the father of all of the first siblings apart from Klaus. He only feeds on vampire blood, and he spends 1,000 years trying to kill Klaus whom he hates due to his werewolf side. Mikael's Terminator-like determination to require out his children makes him legendary.

Mikael cannot be killed by Klaus' hybrids, and as an ingenious, he has the facility to compel them. Mikael is cruel and lacks compassion: he's the first bully and is decided to right the incorrect he did when unleashing an epidemic on mankind. he's cold-blooded enough to murder his children once, then chase them down for 1,000 years for the prospect to try to to it again

4 - The Mikaelson Siblings
The original Family
The Mikaelson Siblings

In addition to being stronger and faster than all other vampires, Elijah, Rebekah, Kol, and Finn also are ready to compel other vampires: differently to realize a plus over their vampire forcing them to act against their will. Ironically, the most important threat the Mikaelson siblings face is from the people that created them - their parents. But if one Mikaelson falls, so does every vampire in their sire line, and this is often an efficient policy.

Originals are often bogged down by ordinary wooden stakes and enchanted daggers dipped in white ash, broken necks and therefore the occasional poison, but stopping them comes right down to that stake made up of an equivalent tree that's the source of their immortality. apart from this difficult to acquire a weapon, the Mikaelsons' millennium of family dysfunction packs more punch than anything.

5 - Katherine Pierce

Being strong is not just about physicality. although being 500 years old does give Katherine Pierce a plus over younger vamps. Katherine possesses the power to seduce men, turning them against one another and bending them to her will. Katherine is incredibly cunning, and despite her innumerable deplorable acts, there's the littlest a part of her which will still elicit sympathy in others when she finds herself not one step before a threat.

Katherine power reaches its zenith when she take over Hell following Cade's death
. She's not a vampire, but like Cade, she's ready to leave Hell when necessary. She has untold resources because of all of the souls stuck there willing to try to do anything to flee eternal torment.

6 - The Heretics
The Heretics

Because vampires are an abomination against nature, they can not be witches. Heretics manage to bypass this because as witches, they possess no powers of their own, only the power to siphon it from others. After becoming vampires, Heretics can siphon the paranormal energy from their bodies and perform magic.

The three who figure in most prominently to the story arc of season 7 are Mary Louise, Valerie, and Nora. The heretics don't value human life, and it's their rampant feeding frenzies throughout Europe that land them within the Prison World. Their mere presence turns Mystic Falls into a town. Nora and Mary Louise are volatile and act impulsively, especially when they're upset with one another.

7 - Tyler Lockwood
Tyler Lockwood

Tyler is that the first werewolf Klaus successfully turns into a hybrid. Tyler not has got to undergo the pain of a full-of-the-moon transformation monthly. Tyler is initially so grateful to Klaus for releasing him from his curse, he doesn't mind being sired to the first. he's less vulnerable than normal vampires since removing his head or heart are the sole ways to kill him. Being a vamp brings out all of Tyler's undesirable character traits and as Klaus' minion, Tyler turns against his friends and Caroline.

8 - Lexie Branson
Lexie Branson

Lexi's most blatant source of power is her physical strength. Clocking in at over 300 years old, she's easily ready to best a younger vampire. Like other vampires, Lexie can get inside someone's mind and crawl around, but she features a particular talent for messing with Stefan's brain.

She can create vivid hallucinations that make Stefan believe he's feeling the consequences of things that are not happening. Lexie is that the first one to show Stefan self-control, and she or he pulls him back multiple times after goes full-on Ripper, even doing so once as a ghost. So Lexie's greatest power? She's a faithful friend.

9 - Damon Salvatore
Damon Salvatore

Damon can manifest fog and either take the shape of crows or control them, or a minimum of he does on The Vampire Diaries pilot. These Dracula-like magic tricks disappear quickly. Damon is stronger than Stefan's early because of a gentle diet of human blood. Damon's greatest power is his moral relativism: he's willing to try to to the incorrect thing for what he feels is that the right reason, especially when it involves Elena and Stefan.

10 - Stefan Salvatore
Stefan The Ripper

At the beginning of the series, Stefan Salvatore doesn't even fully possess the strength of a vampire proportionate to his age due to his refusal to drink human blood. Stefan's greatest source of power is additionally his greatest weakness: his humanity. Without it, he gives in to his insatiable need for blood and goes full "Ripper." But when his switch is flipped on, he's even ready to fight Klaus' compulsion if it means keeping Elena safe.

Stefan's also ready to manipulate others' thoughts and dreams, bringing Katherine Pierce comfort as she's "dying" by conjuring up memories of her childhood home. Compared to newbies like Caroline Forbes and Elena (during her brief stint as a vampire), Stefan's age works in his favor, but he's even as vulnerable when it involves sunlight, vervain, wooden stakes, bullets, and werewolf venom because of the average vamp

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