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Legacies - The Necromancer Powers & Abilities

 The Necromancer Powers & Abilities

Tremble then in the presence of The Necromancer! Bringer of life and death. He who holds the Fates' threads. The cursed king of the underworld!

he is being tortured and interrogated within the werewolf cell by Alaric. Unfortunately for Alaric, many of his methods didn't work and the Necromancer laughed it off. He then gets excited and tells Hope he was wondering when she would visit him again. a touch bit later, he tells her that he can smell a strong scent of death on her and he initially doesn't believe her when she tells him that no-one has heard of him. When she continues about the dark place he was in and the knife, he tells her to continue and she or he gives him a book. he's deeply angry that he can't find an in. of an entry about himself and that they still mention 

Early History

Before the 1920s, he had frequented Rousseau's and had known Klaus Mikaelson, whom he had begun to be good for his business.

In 1944, he was in Normandy and resurrected a couple of soldiers on the beach, and killed Nazis while doing so. He was then stabbed within the heart by an unknown person and ended up within the darkness.

He is menacing and shows little to no look after what happens to the zombies he raises or the folks that are put in peril in getting what he wants. He shows some arrogance towards his occupation as he thought that Alaric and Dorian would tremble in fear at the mere mention of his name.

Physical Appearance

He wears dark-colored clothing with a silver-like brooch near the highest of his collar or tie. He features a grotesque appearance, with yellow to rotting teeth and translucent light blue eyes. He features a cut across his forehead and pale skin that's rotted and has dark brown or black hair slicked upwards.

Powers and skills 

The Necromancer possesses all the quality powers and skills of a witch.


The Necromancer has the standard weaknesses of a witch.

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