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Legacies: Chris Wood to Appear as Vampire Diaries' Kai Parker in Season 2

kai returning to legacies


Kai Parker is finally making his appearance to Mystic Falls. Chris Woold Who Played Kai Parker in The Vampire Diaries, will be a guest-star in Episode 12 of Legacies.

“It’s not the last we’ve heard of him,” Plec told us at the time. “We’ll keep laying little Kai Parker Easter eggs because he's a huge a part of the twins’ backstory and mythology, which are some things we plan on telling stories from for the whole series. While I do know we’ll never be ready to get Chris Wood back for a whole series, it’s certainly fun to stay him alive within the hopes that we’ll get to ascertain him in small doses throughout the run of the show.”

Kai Parker joins a growing list of actors to reprise their roles from previous shows on Legacies.

 Matt Donovan recurred throughout Season 1 as Mystic Falls’ new sheriff, while  Jeremy Gilbert and  Josette Laughlin also made guest appearances. Additionally,  Freya Mikaelson will show up later this month when she receives a “surprise visit” from Josie Saltzman From The Salvatore School students.
Your thoughts on Kai’s long-awaited appearance on Legacies? Drop ’em during a comment below.

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