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How Well Do You Know Klaus Mikaelson? - Take a Quiz

?How Well Do You Know Klaus Mikaelson

Welcome Nation. Klaus Mikaelson was the first vampire that each one other vampire feared. His ruthlessness, his powers, and reputation rage, his nature made him a legend among the vampires. He finally made his debut on ‘The Vampire Diaries’ and that we never need to see him again until ‘The Originals’ came along. Klaus may be a complex and really unpredictable character who was hated initially by the fans for his action in ‘TVD’. But soon, once we need to see him in ‘The Originals’, we fell crazy with this character. We need to see him as a strong, but a rather damaged character.

This Original vampire remains troubled by his psychological damage which he suffered a few years ago. But what makes him dangerous is he’s intelligent, he acts on instincts, he could find his way through any problem. Klaus's character is fascinating and mysterious, fans who once hated this character are now cheering for him. What makes him dangerous is that this vampire is 1000 years old, but he doesn’t control his impulses sometimes, he acts on his instincts. He believes he’s the foremost powerful being and he doesn’t get to justify his behavior.


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