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All The Types Of Vampires In V Wars Explained

Welcome Nation. If you’re a lover of the Vampires and Ian Somerhalder then you want to have surely seen the Netflix ‘V Wars’ by now. If you continue to haven’t then we highly suggest you get on Netflix and watch it today! The Netflix series is predicated on the V Wars anthology novels which ran from 2012 to 2016. The series depicts the events of a vampire apocalypse from the eyes of Dr. Luther Swann (Played by Ian Somerhalder), he has the responsibility to spot the virus which turns people into vampires, and he has got to found a cure. Things get interesting when Dr. Luther’s close friend Michael Fayne is additionally infected with the virus. He becomes a vampire and rather than being terrified, he starts embracing his new life.
So Let’s Take a glance At the various sorts of Vampires On V Wars!
As the show progresses, many new developments happen within the world of V Wars. because of Dr. Swann, we learn that there are different sorts of vampires. There are two species of vampires- The Bloods & The Vourdalaks.

So what's the difference between the 2 species? Well, Dr. Luther Swann features a hypothesis that a person’s genes decide if it’ll become blood or a Vourdalak. A pathogen doesn't affect all humans and similarly, the people it does affect even have variations. for instance, Sisters Mila and Danika shared common DNA and hence they both became Vourdalaks whereas Michael Fayne has different DNA which resulted in him transforming into a Blood.


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The Bloods also is referred to as the ‘Blood Nation’. they're the people that are infected by the once buried within the Antarctic ancient pathogen. they need abilities like increased healing, super strength, enhanced sight and hearing, and super speed. an individual must have the NH47 gene to be transformed into a Blood. If they don’t have the gene then they’ll stay human, but ill. The people of Blood Nation have tried controlling their urges, they tried feeding on animals knowing it won’t satisfy their thirst. While some steal from blood banks. Luther works on creating an alternate called ‘BludSub’ for the Blood Nation to use. It works for touch while, on the other hand, creates adverse negative effects on the vampires.

Vourdalaks can prey on an individual without killing them. Their bite produces a venom which makes their victim feel a high almost like a drug, this leads to them enjoying when their blood being sucked out.
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Vourdalaks also are only ready to feed on someone who they had a deep connection to unlike Bloods who can on anyone the only way a Vourdalak Can Create Another Vampire is that if They Accidentally Kill one of the victims

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