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Supernatural - 5 Vampires In Vampire Diaries That The Winchesters Could and Could Not Defeat

5 Vampires In Vampire Diaries That The Winchesters Could and Could Not Defeat

Supernatural - 5 Vampires In Vampire Diaries That The Winchesters Could and Could Not Defeat

We Saw the Winchester brothers fight Vampires And Werewolf's in The Supernatural  Show So Today We take a look at 5 Vampires that they can and can't Defeat 

Enjoy the list and tell us your opinion

1 - CANNOT BEAT: The Originals
The Originals

Seeing as there was just one weapon alive that would kill the first vampires and that they had it, Sam and Dean wouldn't stand an opportunity. and, Niklaus was unmerciful and bloodthirsty, and Elijah 

 The Mikaelsons fought tons among themselves, but that they had each other's backs. If the Winchesters went after one, they went in any case.

2 - CANNOT BEAT: Katherine Pierce
Katherine Pierce

Katerina Petrova was so smart to ever get caught by the likes of Winchesters. She evaded Klaus Mikaelson for hundreds of years and outsmarted him numerous times. Even when she did get caught during a trap by the Salvatores or Originals, she always found how out.

Katherine was the last word survivor, always knowing what strings to tug and which buttons to press. She knew her enemy and used it against them whenever. The Winchesters wouldn't stand an opportunity against the queen of vamps.

3 - CANNOT BEAT: Damon Salvatore
Damon Salvatore

 He was less likely to tug back for fear of killing a person's. If hunters came after him, Damon had no problem killing them before they killed him. Damon's love of ripping people apart made him a dangerous monster to deal with, even for the experienced Sam and Dean.

Not to mention, Damon wasn't against a fast neck snap to urge the work avoided fooling around

4 - CANNOT BEAT: Caroline Forbes
Caroline Forbes

Once she got herself in check, Caroline became insanely good at being a vampire. She knew the way to live peacefully and live off blood bags. She rarely went after humans unless they threatened her family. It helped that she was a social butterfly who knew the way to make friends with everyone.

By surrounding herself with allies, Caroline would have made it hard for Sam and Dean to urge her. and, Sam's would have seen that Caroline was no threat. He would likely let her go.

5 - CANNOT BEAT: Pearl And Annabelle
Pearl And Annabelle

They knew the way to keep a low profile, as long as none of their peers caused a scene and brought attention to them.

They were smart and knew the way to blend in, never making a gift of their true identities. Plus, if the Winchesters ever went after Anna, it had been guaranteed Pearl would do anything to guard her daughter.

1 - CAN BEAT: Stefan Salvatore
Stefan Salvatore

To be fair, this one depends on which Stefan they go up against. If it is the Ripper, they do not have an opportunity. But The Winchesters Brothers would have taken down season one Stefan when he first returns to Mystic Falls and survives on animal blood.

Stefan's humanity keeps him from killing people as long as they do not threaten his loved ones. As long because the Winchesters stand back from Stefan's family, they will combat the younger Salvatore. But it isn't guaranteed Stefan's friends wouldn't come to his rescue.

2 - CAN BEAT: Elena Gilbert
Elena Gilbert

Elena the human had tons of fight in her, but Elena the vampire, not such a lot. For an excellent deal of her time as a vamp, she feared her power and lack of control. She often ran scared after feeding on a person's, afraid she'd kill them.

While it is a sweet sentiment and further proved how compassionate she was, it made her a terrible vampire. that sort of doubt and fear would have made her a simple target for Sam and Dean to go after.

3 - CAN BEAT: Oscar The Heretic 
Oscar The Heretic

Oscar was one among Lily Salvatore's Heretics, but he wanted nothing to try to do with them. Clearly, he didn't hide alright. that might have made it easy for Sam and Dean to seek out him and chop his leave.

Although Oscar wanted to measure faraway from Lily's rule, that did not mean he wanted to measure a lifetime of peace. With how easily Damon overpowered him and Valerie killed him, the Winchesters wouldn't have had an issue.

4 - CAN BEAT: Vicki Donovan
Vicki Donovan

Matt's younger sister got dealt a nasty hand. Damon turned Vicki Donovan into a vampire because he was boredom but he didn't realize how volatile she would be. Her substance abuse habit made her fall easily to the bloodlust of a vampire.

While the Salvatores and company found it hard to pin her down long enough to kill her, the Winchesters would have made a simple kill of it. Vicki didn't get the prospect to find out the way to use her vampire abilities and control herself, making her a simple target for any hunter.

5 - CAN BEAT: Nadia Petrova
Nadia Petrova

The Traveler daughter of Katerina Petrova (a.k.a. Katherine Pierce) she followed her mother to Mystic Falls to be with her. But the devious vampire that escaped her fate repeatedly over had no interest in knowing the daughter she was forced to abandon as a teenage mother.

Still, Nadia remained in Mystic Falls, trying to create a relationship with the lady who only wanted to use her for her own selfish means. this type of blind loyalty and weakness would have made her fall right into a Winchester trap.

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