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Dexter: How Lumen Pierce Can return in season 10

Showtime potentially expanding the Dexter franchise means Julia Stiles' character Lumen Pierce's protector could finally return for Season 10.

Dexter: How Lumen Pierce Can return in season 10

If Dexter season 10 is arranged by Showtime, the original character Lumen (Julia Stiles) could make the main appearance. The 2021 Dexter: New Blood reboot brought back several characters and actors from the original eight-season series, including Michael C. Hall as the serial killer, Jennifer Carpenter as Debra Morgan, and David Zayas as the angel Batista. Jack Alcott portrayed Dexter's son, Harrison Morgan, as a teenager, with several original Dexter characters such as Maria LaGuerta, Hannah McKay, James Doakes, Frank Lundy, Harry Morgan, Rita Morgan, Masuka, and Joy Quinn being referenced or seen in flashbacks Past.

However, Dexter season 9 still needs to mention or bring back some key live-action characters, like Bay Harbor Butcher's one-time partner Lumen Pierce. While she only appeared in the fifth season of Dexter, Lumen was an important figure in Dexter Morgan's arc after he saved her from her tormentors and helped her get revenge by killing them. While Lumen and Dexter also began a romance, their vigilante mission ended after the death of Jordan Chase. Lumen left Miami alive, so it was assumed that Stiles would reprise her role in Dexter: New Blood. With Showtime considering expanding Dexter's universe, by following Harrison Morgan's story, Lumen could finally return for the next season.

Lumen can help Harrison understand his father in Dexter season 10

Dexter: How Lumen Pierce Can return in season 10

Dexter: New Blood limited series ended with teenager Harrison Morgan killing Dexter after the title character killed innocent Sergeant Logan. Iron Lake Police Chief Angela lets Harrison escape, and Dexter's orphaned son appears headed for California. While battling his Dark Rider, Harrison will undoubtedly be looking for more answers about his secret father in season 10 of Dexter. Since there are so few living people who really know Dexter Morgan, Harrison might try digging up these numbers. One such character is Lumen Pierce, whose whereabouts are unknown, but who may be more inclined to help Harrison understand his father Dexter now that the identity of the Bay Harbor Butcher has been revealed.

The character of Julia Stiles could return in Season 10 of Dexter by appearing at events or hearings related to Dexter Morgan's discovery as the Bay Harbor Butcher. Lumen could also watch a telecast revealing the Bay Harrison Butcher's identity and see Harrison, which could lead her to find Harrison and teach him how she successfully suppressed the urge to kill. Given that Lumen spent a lot of time with Harrison as a child after Rita Morgan was dead, their reunion would make sense for Dexter season 10.

What dexter exposes him to as a port bay butcher means lumens

Dexter: How Lumen Pierce Can return in season 10

Since the vast majority of the characters who knew about Dexter's Dark Passenger are dead, Lumen is one of the few people still in legal trouble for not only keeping Dexter's secret but killing several people with him. Angela and Batista were willing to expose Dexter as the Bay Harbor Butcher in Dexter: New Blood, suggesting that the news would already be out by the possible time Dexter season 10 begins. If that's the case, Lumen could be on the run to avoid the authorities, or she might actually be imprisoned if the police find out that she killed Alex Tilden and Jordan Chase with Dexter's help.

Given that the Dexter: New Blood finale was incredibly divisive, Harrison Morgan's story may not have been how Showtime connected with the Dexter franchise. However, Lumen being one of the few live-action characters from the original Dexter series means that she will likely appear in a spin-off. Stiles told Forbes in 2020 that she was open to reprising her role in New Blood, so if another opportunity to reprise her character in the franchise arises, Lumen Pierce in season 10 of Dexter shouldn't be counted.

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