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Top 20 Strongest Vampires in The Universe

Top 20 Strongest Vampires in The Universe

one thing all vampires have in common is the power of the mind control everlasting life and course super strength and speed they are sexy terrifying blood-sucking and burn when exposed to sunlight so without further review here are the 20 most powerful vampires ever known

Black hat

Black hat

Black hat was a human-vampire hybrid Additionally, he was a priest and possessed superior physical abilities even as a human he can leap impressive distances dense steel with his punches and footsteps and send a grown man across several feet with one punch he could move fast enough to dodge repeated punches by the priest

Edward Cullen

Edward Cullen

Edward possesses the gift to read the thoughts of those around him he is described as being an incredibly fast vampire more so than the rest of his clan it's hard to judge but given that he ran from forks to port Angeles in around 20 minutes he seems to be able to run well over 100 miles per hour he is also a skilled fighter in the Cullen coven though for his speed rather then being the strongest 


Celine Underworld

Selene is proficient in any kind of Weapon she is an athletic agile and expert Marx woman and many forms of hand-to-hand combat Selene can send a werewolf flying decapitate victor overpowers Marcus in terms of strength she can easily break a man's spine breaks through a locked metal door casually dodge gunfires able to jump high and beats a death dealer instructor named Varga


Vampire Blade Marvel

Blade is a master martial artist and a swordsman who is exceptionally stealthy and has senses that can detect demons and vamps he can lift two thousand pounds and kick straight through metal doors and he's faster than the eye can track and even able to best the hypersonic spitfire his adamantium blades cut through demons and even cosmic level beings like Thanos he fought against the mercenary Deadpool took down four doom bots ripped off a vampire's head and has dodged point-blank gunfire


Dettlaff From The Witcher

being a higher vampire Dettlaff can assume his monstrous form and which lengthy claws will grow from all 10 digits of his front limb these claws can easily cut through human bones he can push this transformation further into a humanoid monstrosity with wings and bout-like features in which he possessed nightmarish abilities akin to magic among them the ability to summon hordes of bats as weapons and conjuring ground traps seemingly made of blood


Morbius From Marvel

in an attempt to cure his rare blood disease Morbius used a series of untested serums thus accidentally turning himself into a living vampire first he has gained true immortality he defeated spider-man on multiple occasions survived an encounter with ghost rider dodged a sniper bullet and immune to silver and sunlight his bite can drain the blood energy and strength of his victims he has used this ability once to revert a werewolf back to human


Castlvania Alucard

Alucard can shapeshift into a wolf or a bat his wolf form can run faster than a bullet his form of mist can become a poison cloud and his bat form can shoot fireballs and also a destructive sonar although he can more than hold his own physically it is magically where he is truly dangerous sprouting vampiric wings he will dash towards his opponent with incredible speed slicing them with his blade and subsequently provoking a gigantic explosion

Bill Compton

Bill Compton

even at 173 years bill has a lot of packing strength he also single-handedly killed three werewolves after bill drank the blood of Lilith he became the strongest known creature in the world he was able to easily overpower ancient vampires and he was able to control objects and people with his mind bill was able to walk through fire and skate he even survived a direct stake to the heart and at some point, he was unaffected by the effects of sun


Vampire Batman

after the joker kills Catwoman Batman is consumed by bloodlust and kills the joker unable to resist the urge to feed batman finally feeds on the joker's human blood turning him into a full vampire just like Dracula, he could also transform into a swarm of bats a cloud of mist and a wolf this version of batman ruthlessly decapitated scarecrow penguin and his gang he overpowered killer croc punched two vampires before they could strike and decapitated multiple vampires with his Batarang he also survived a direct stake to the heart he even killed Dracula



there have been a lot of different versions of Dracula over the years regardless of the versions his powers and abilities always range from flight razor-sharp claws telekinesis and even teleportation he can also exert his influence over all living things whether it be mind control body possession or absorbing the souls and abilities of fallen enemies Dracula can shapeshift into a swarm of bats a cloud of mist and a wolf he's also a master sorcerer able to summon fireballs meteors and acid blood rain from the sky

The Originals

The Originals Vampires

the first vampires to be ever created consisted of Rebekah Kol and Finn they are the oldest fastest strongest and the most powerful vampires in the world original vampires are indestructible and cannot be killed by anything on earth aside from the white oak stake their impact can send any vampire flying they can control and compel the thoughts emotions behavior actions and memories of humans and an average vampire they are devilishly smart and cunning they killed even the ones supposedly stronger than them but they are only really strong when they are together


Elijah Mikaelson

he does deserve a special spot on this list given that he somehow has a total and full control of the vampirism abilities we have seen him stomp and break into an underground cave with less effort and knock out an entire squad of vampires with ease a feet Klaus could only achieve wiles in his hybrid state plus he is the only sibling capable of disciplining  Klaus despite his hybrid abilities he is the most skilled amongst his siblings he did pick up a few tricks from his father lesson one is always on your guard and the ready first lesson always be on your guard there's nothing more terrifying than a killer who's so incredibly decisive commanding and calm while killing


Mikael Mikaelson

Michael is an original vampire with tremendous willpower and pain tolerance having stated that no pain is too much for him as he's mastered it to achieve his goals just like Elijah he has full control of his vampiric abilities merge with his skills as a Viking warrior he is an unstoppable force not to be reckoned with over the centuries he chased and hunted down his children becoming a vampire who hunts for vampires


Klaus Mikaelson

Klaus was considered and portrayed as the most fearsome vampire (of the Originals & Vampire Diaries series) and he certainly deserved this position because he wasn't just a vampire but also a hybrid the first of its kind be it his strengths or his powers or telepathy or healing powers he was undoubtedly a force not to be reckoned with he defeated his father whom he psychologically feared for centuries even with all that power Klaus still uses his intelligence and strategies to outsmart his enemies


Enhanced Vampire Alaric

created to be the end to all vampire races Alaric Saltzman became an enhanced original vampire he was already a skilled vampire hunter with good instincts combined with his superior vampire abilities he becomes the strongest vampire in the series he was three times stronger and faster than the original vampires he demonstrated his raw power as he effortlessly decapitates Klaus Stefan and Damon while under a desecration spell he knocked Rebekah out with one move and healed much faster from the burns of the sun than any other vampire

Upgraded Originals

Upgraded Originals

though once regular vampires were sired by Klaus these vampires later got an upgrade by reverse-engineering the immortality spell they were twice as strong and fast as the originals with Lucian being stronger due to his 900 years of increasing strength one bite from their fangs releases an advanced werewolf venom that can kill an original vampire due to being a superior species they can also compel and control an original vampire into doing their bidding plus they were immortals


Hope Mikaelson

as the world's first tribrid of three supernatural species, a witch a werewolf and a vampire the full extent of hope's powers is currently unknown according to dahlia as a firstborn of their bloodline hope has inherited great but devastating power as a fully transitioned tribrid hope can pull her strength and speed from both her werewolf and vampire side while retaining her ability to cast spells her vampire abilities give her strength and speed that is equal to or more than an original vampire she demonstrated her vamp abilities when she defeated aurora de Martell a 1 000-year-old vampire



Dio's vampire abilities allow him to hear a heartbeat through the ground fly through the air and hypnotize you with just a glimpse he can vaporize the moistures in his body to freeze anything he touches and fire beams of pressurized fluids from his eyes but his healing factor is on another the level he has been burned alive bisected decapitated lost limbs and survived multiple bullet shots he even survived a complete explosion all he needs is blood to speed up the healing process he was later defeated by the power of the sun so unless you have the sun's power at your fingertips it's almost impossible to defeat him


Alucard Hellsing

because he is the first of his kind he's been called different names in so many lifetimes Count Dracula bird of Hermes no life king, Vlad the impaler Alucard king of vampires, abyss general, ultimate vampire, and many more like his title he possesses a lot of abilities ranging from weather-controlled telepathy telekinesis shape-shifting day walking regeneration walking through walls casting illusions levitation superhuman speed each soul that he has consumed acts as an extra life that he can spend whenever he is fatally injured and over the years Alucard has absorbed billions of souls meaning he is an immortal,

there you go the strongest vampires in the universe and also comment below on what rankings we should release next week,

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