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Why Stranger Things Season 4 Took TOO Long To Happen

Season 4 of Stranger Things took nearly three years to complete. But why did this season take longer than any other season before it?

Why Stranger Things Season 4 Took TOO Long To Happen

It's been almost three years since fans started a new season of Stranger Things, but why did season 4 take so long to happen? Previous seasons of Stranger Things, in the past, took some time to produce. Even Season 3 took two years to release after the season 2 premiere. But, what was the difference in Stranger Things Season 4 that made this gap between seasons the longest-running series to date?

In an interview at the end of last year (via Collider), executive producer Shawn Levy shed some light on the topic of delaying the fourth season of Stranger Things. Not only did he refer to the fourth season of Stranger Things as "the most ambitious season," but he also pointed out some interesting details when it comes to the scale of the Stranger Things creative team. Not to mention, of course, necessary COVID safety protocols have been implemented across every TV and movie set currently being filmed, and Levy himself referred to these rules in talking about Stranger Things Season 4.

Based on Levy's interview, it appears that the biggest sources of delay between seasons 3 and 4 of Stranger Things are a combination of newfound COVID protocols around set to slow down the overall process, and the fact that Shawn Levy, Matt, and Ross Duffer remain the only production/directing team behind The popular chain, which means that their resources are increasingly distributed. Furthermore in his interview, Levy points out the fact that he and the Dover brothers still oversee nearly every aspect of the production. With Stranger Things Season 4 potentially breaking the formula and happening across three locations, that means the trio's attention is evenly split. Mix the slowdown that comes with necessary COVID safety protocols, and the picture begins to take shape regarding the delay in Stranger Things Season 4.

Why Stranger Things Season 4 Took TOO Long To Happen

Beginning with COVID Protocols, the fourth season of Stranger Things is off to a rough start after shutting down one month of production by the start of the pandemic. After filming for Season 4 resumes in September 2020, the group will likely need time, money, and effort to adjust to filming the new season with the new COVID safety protocols in place. Add the costly effects of bringing COVID safety teams and systems to three distinct locations (Lithuania, California, and Hawkins) within the larger scope of Stranger Things season four, and it's easy to see why the ambitious production took up more filming time.

Plus, as Levi hinted in his interview because he and his Dover brothers still closely supervise every element of production in Stranger Things, the trio undoubtedly spreads sparingly across every element of production. Levy referred to the trio as a group that feels an artistic need to "get our hands on all of them," referring to the practical nature of the production. With season four of Stranger Things more ambitious than ever, and production still focusing heavily on the authors, it's no wonder the season has been delayed for as long as it lasts.

Regardless of the delay, with three compelling new stories and an ambitious runtime (each episode of the upcoming season is over an hour), the fourth season of Stranger Things is set to be massively massive, and the Stranger Things saga will likely come to an end. Executive producer, Sean Levy, is well aware of how much this volume has been delayed for the new season, yet he seems confident that the new season will be the best yet. And if the recently released trailer and ambition implied in the fourth season of Stranger Things are anything to go by, Levi's confidence seems assured.

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