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Succession: Season 4 Scripts Are Almost Finished

Georgia Pritchett, writer and executive producer of "Succession," revealed that the show is about to finish writing its fourth season.

Succession: Season 4 Scripts Are Almost Finished

The fourth season of the caliphate is nearing completion. The HBO satirical drama, created by Jesse Armstrong and executive produced by Adam McKay, follows members of the dysfunctional and amoral Roy family who constantly conflict and struggle for the power of their media conglomerate Waystar Royko, led by founder and patriarch Logan Roy. Jeremy Strong, Sarah Snook, and Kieran Culkin play the three main siblings Kendall, Schiff, and Roman against their father, played by Brian Cox. The Emmy-winning series stars Matthew MacFadden, Nicholas Brown, J Smith Cameron, and Alan Rock.

Succession season 4 has been renewed after a stunning finale that saw the three siblings finally join forces and stand up against their father as he tried to sell the company, only for Logan to turn the tables on them, officially denying them any control. The season ends with Schiff discovering that her husband, Tom, has informed Logan of their rebellion. The finale forms an intense upcoming season with many questions about what will happen next in personal relationships and who will be on opposite sides.

It has now been revealed that Georgia Pritchett, writer and executive producer of "Succession," has taken to her social media to reveal that the scripts for Succession Season 4 are nearly complete. Pritchett also shared a Smith-Cameron post making fun of the show Straight Outta Compton while announcing the news. Pritchett's post can be found below:

Pritchett previously stated in interviews that Succession Season 4 will likely be the final season, adding that the series is coming to an end. Although she recently clarified that she's not sure when the show will end, she knows it may not be past season five. There is no definitive conclusion for the number of seasons of succession, so it all depends on where the stories are going. Judging by the current state of season planning, it seems safe to assume that perhaps the show will have another final season to tie it all together.

Regardless, the upcoming season already has a lot riding on it based on the events of Succession's season 3 finale. With the scripts nearly complete, filming will soon begin and audiences will be one step closer to finding out the consequences. Time is running out and it will be exciting to discover the journeys of all the Succession characters and what will happen to them when Season 4 gets a premiere date.

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