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Moon Knight: Who Voices Taweret?

Moon Knight Episode 4, "The Tomb," introduces an Egyptian goddess who looks like a hippopotamus - here she is who voices Taweret in the MCU Disney+ series.

Moon Knight: Who Voices Taweret?

The hippo goddess appears at the end of Moon Knight 4 and is the voice of Taweret, an important Egyptian goddess. Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 4 Disney+ is filled with Egyptian mythology, as superhero Oscar Isaac receives his power from the moon god Khonshu. Moon Knight continued to bring out more deities as the series progressed, from the appearance of Khonshu's physical form to Marc Spector attending a meeting with The Ennead. However, that did not prepare Mark or Stephen Grant to meet Taweret.

The end of Episode 4 of Moon Knight features another major Marvel twist, in which Marc Spector is portrayed as a patient in a psychiatric hospital. However, everything is not as real as it might seem. Mark finds Stephen Grant inside a sarcophagus, leading to a task force between the two well-known Moon Knight mods. While trying to escape from the hospital and find out what's going on, Mark and Stephen encounter a bipedal hippo dressed in Egyptian clothes who can also talk.

Moon Night Episode 4 The hippopotamus goddess is Tawert, the Egyptian goddess of fertility protection and childbirth. The hippo goddess is only included for a few seconds, but says "hello" to Mark and Stephen, causing them to panic. One of Tawert's voices in Moon Night Episode 4 is the actress Antonia Salib. The Hippo voice actress for Moon Knight has not appeared in any other approved projects. It hasn't been confirmed if she'll star in more of the series, but viewers will likely hear Antonia Cross Tawert's voice in additional Moon Knight episodes after this short show.

Moon Knight: Who Voices Taweret?

Antonia Cross becomes the second person to utter a deity in Moon Knight, joining F. Murray Abraham, who voiced Khonshu. All other deities have so far appeared only with their representatives in Avatar. Now that the hippopotamus form has appeared in Taweret, the pacifist goddess could represent Moon Knight's plans to feature more deities in their animal-like forms. Taweret is similar to the hippopotamus in Egyptian mythology, although it also has the paws of a lion and the tail of a crocodile.

It would certainly be worth paying attention to how much of a role the hippopotamus deities are playing going forward now that Antonia Salib has voiced Tawert's voice in Episode IV of Moon Night. In Egyptian mythology, she sometimes played the role of peacemaker among the gods, so Tawert could help mend the relationship between Khonshu and The Ennead, or even Khonshu, Marc, and Steven. Taweret is also associated with the afterlife in some myths, as she cleaned the dead so that they could move on to the next stage of the afterlife. The exact role of the hippopotamus goddess in Moon Night will become clear over the remaining two episodes.

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