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Anthony Mackie: Captain America 4 Starts Filming In A Few Weeks

Anthony Mackie says that Captain America 4 will be filming in a few weeks and he is already going through his physical preparation.

Anthony Mackie: Captain America 4 Starts Filming In A Few Weeks

Mackie first arrives in the Marvel Cinematic Universe scene with Captain America: The Winter Soldier as Steve Rogers' friend and trauma advisor Sam Wilson who helps the titular hero in his battle against HYDRA's damaged S.H.I.E.L.D using his mechanical flight suit. Nicknamed the Hawk, Maki will take on the role through a brief appearance in Avengers: Age of Ultron, being recruited into the superhero team, Ant-Man as well as heavier.

The recent superhero saga saw Chris Evans' Steve Rogers choose to stay in the past while returning the various Infinity Stones to their places in time and back to the present to appoint Sam as his new Captain America successor, giving him his vibranium shield. This storyline will continue in Disney+'s The Falcon and the Winter, in which he chooses to retire from the mantle and resume his role as a falcon and go on an escape mission with Sebastian Stan Bucky Barnes. However, John Walker is briefly given the role of Captain America and later stripped of the title for his atrocities, Sam chooses to take over the shield and become the world's next hat.

In a recent interview with Extra, Anthony Mackie shared an update on the development of Captain America 4. The actor revealed that he is set to begin filming on the MCU fourquel in a few weeks and is currently preparing for the film's physical with a specific diet. See what Mackie shared below:

“No, I haven't started filming yet, I'm starting in a few weeks. [I eat] a lot of veggies and chicken breasts. [laughs]”

Anthony Mackie: Captain America 4 Starts Filming In A Few Weeks

In the same interview, Mackie also indicated that filming on Captain America 4 will begin after he finishes filming Peacock's Twisted Metal series, which he was very excited, to begin with. The actor revealed that a new MCU movie is set to begin shooting in a few weeks also in line with his recent annoyance that he has started preparing for the project, and has reclaimed the spirit with the help of Tupac's "Hit 'Em Up". Fans of the actor and his work in the MCU will surely be excited about the prospect of seeing his incarnation of Captain America return to his status soon.

It's interesting that while filming will begin in a few weeks, many of the details surrounding Captain America 4 are currently unknown, outside of The Falcon and Winter Soldier creator Malcolm Spellman who is back in writing with series writer Dalan Musson. While Marvel isn't quite unheard of for keeping a lid on information on its early-making projects, one would think that the title of the movie's size and reputation would turn up some details. However, with Disney currently sourcing five unannounced Marvel Studios films from late 2023 through 2024, filming for Captain America 4 is soon beginning to indicate its arrival soon.

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