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Peacemaker Season 2: James Gunn will direct and write every episode

HBO Max's smash DC Peacemaker is returning for a second season, and this time creator James Gunn will be writing and directing all episodes.

James Gunn will write and direct all episodes of the second season of Peacemaker. The first season of HBO Max's smash DC superhero series has wrapped up with a finale that only is described as shocking and explosive.

Peacemaker Season 2: James Gunn will direct and write every episode

Shock and explosive are already words that can be used to describe Peacemaker since the beginning of Season 1, along with words like 'hilarious' and 'incredibly saucy. Most of that sinister fun was of course due to the creator Gunn, who penned all eight episodes of season one and directed five episodes, including the aforementioned first season. Alongside his 2021 feature film The Suicide Squad, the Peacemaker has proven that Gunn may be the perfect creative force to unleash DC's most bizarre characters, given his talent for crafting quirky, action-packed stories around inappropriate alien balls.

After the first season delivered the merchandise beyond all expectations, it's no surprise that Peacemaker gets a second season on HBO Max. Warner Media has revealed that Gunn himself will take on a larger role in Season 2, not only writing all the episodes but also directing each one. However, the actual number of season 2 episodes has not been revealed.

"Peacemaker's innovation has been a real milestone in my life, both professionally and otherwise, with John Cena and the amazing creative team around me, as well as our partners at HBO Max," Jean said in a statement. Having something that we all love and that we love so much from the audience was a great experience. I can't wait for people to see where Team Peacemaker goes in Season 2.

Peacemaker Season 2: James Gunn will direct and write every episode

The fact that Gunn wrote all eight episodes of Peacemaker Season 1 ensured that the show had a certain color consistency, even with other directors doing some episodes. But Jean himself is the best director who implements his writing himself, and there is no doubt that the Peacemaker Epps directed by was the best and sharpest of the first season. With Gunn tackling directing duties throughout the episodes, Season 2 of the Peacemaker's characters will be more imbued with his sentiments, which means it's sure to be more brutal and hilarious than the first season. Lots of honest interaction too, and Season 2 is sure to delve into the relationships that forged between the Peacemaker and his teammates throughout Season 1. It will be cool to see the new adventures that Gunn dreams of bringing John Cena and the company back for Peacemaker Season 2.

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