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How Well Do You Remember the Last Lines of Lucifer Characters (Quiz)

Welcome back to Nation. After an epic journey, Lucifer is finally done. Lucifer's sixth season was bittersweet as it provided an end to the various character arcs. But did the show's characters really get the endings they deserve? Let's start with Lucifer Morningstar. The devil, who was tired of his duties in Hell and came to Earth in search of escape, became fascinated by humanity and its motives, so he decided to stay nearby and began to give blessings to the people.

How Well Do You Remember the Last Lines of Lucifer Characters (Quiz)

When he crosses paths with Detective Chloe Decker, he becomes interested in her because she was the only human unaffected by her charm and power. He enlisted in the Los Angeles Police Department as a civilian counsel and began solving crime cases with detectives. Lucifer also began seeing a therapist to better understand his inner struggles, he expressed all his feelings, thoughts, and problems to Dr. Linda Martin who helped him in his meditation and reflection.

Linda's treatment and Chloe's love has truly changed Lucifer as he begins to realize himself and begins to achieve what he needs to be. After helping Mr. Lee escape from Hell and Dan deal with his unresolved guilt, Lucifer discovers that his true calling is to be a healer from Hell. He would advise and cure millions of cursed souls and help them move from there. While some fans weren't happy with this conclusion because they thought Lucifer could have done more good, had he chosen to be the god he rightfully won after fighting Michael in the Celestial War in Season 5. He doesn't want to be God which is why he was procrastinating about ascending to heaven at the start of Season 6. Just as Amenadiel is best suited for the job, with his experiences and connection with humanity, it can be said that he can do more than Lucifer.

Lucifer and Chloe cartoon episode

Chloe Decker quits her job in the Lucifer Police in season 5 to help Lucifer in the war, but when Lucifer begins to think about being a god, deep down Chloe misses being a cop. This is because her job and profession defined her identity, and a lot of her values ​​and morals came from being a cop. Even when she gave up being a policeman, she couldn't help but investigate. Eventually, she returned to the LAPD and worked until she retired after Lucifer's departure.

So Take This Quiz And Find Out How Well Do You Remember The Last Lines Of The Lucifer Characters?

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