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Lucifer: The Meaning Behind Each Celestial's Name

The Angelic names shown on Lucifer have very deep meanings behind them, and most of them fit perfectly with the characters' personalities

Lucifer: The Meaning Behind Each Celestial's Name

During the first season of Lucifer, the characters Lucifer and Amenadiel were the only celestials to appear on Earth. As the series progressed, they were visited by many other angels, most of whom were brothers and also direct children of God. While there are some pretty meaningless things about the angels in Lucifer, there are compelling stories behind each one.

Most, but not all, of the celestial, which ended in the names "iel." And fans may wonder: What do these names actually mean? Why were they chosen for the characters? The same questions may arise with regard to demons. Mazikeen, for example, literally translates to "those who do harm" in Hebrew, based on the spelling Mazikeen. What about the angels that arrived from heaven?


Lucifer on Hell Throne

Technically, Lucifer is the name he gave himself to replace his literal name Samiel. However, since Lucifer was an angel, this name deserves to be included. Interestingly, his full name is actually a pun because Lucifer literally means "morning star" according to

When used as an adjective, it means "light-bringing" or "light 

bearer." So, not only does his first and last name means the same thing, but it is ironically also that he chose the name as ruler of Hell. However, in history, Lucifer's name has become associated with Satan, in reference to his fall from grace, however, Lucifer showed from It is through how much it has changed since the first season of Lucifer that the name may not be as tainted as some think.


lucifer wings back

Lucifer's real name, Samiel, means "God has heard" in Hebrew. It is spelled in the Bible as Shemu'el, and is derived from the Hebrew words "shama", which means "heard" and "ei" which means "God".

No wonder, then, that Lucifer wanted to get rid of this name from his person after he was expelled from Heaven and sent to rule Hell forever. Most common today, the name has been modified to be spelled as Samuel.


Lucifer The angel of death azrael

Azrael was the angel of death over Lucifer and the younger sister of the group. It was also she who admired Ella after a car accident that approached the forensic scientist as a child.

The Hebrew name Azrael actually means "with God's help," according to The Bump. There is some irony that Azrael in the show was not really there to help in the traditional sense, but another interpretation of her name could link him to Azrael for helping those who are close to death get to heaven safely. Azrael's blade is the only one that can kill the other celestial planets, which makes sense considering their location.


Lucifer Amenadiel

the name Amenadiel was created from a combination of words and meanings. “Amen” translates in Hebrew as “let it be” or “truly.” Meanwhile, "El" means "God". Thus, the name literally translates to "truly from God" or "let it be said, O God."

The name makes sense because it is revealed that Amenadiel, the eldest son, was also God's favorite. He was the most fearless and loyal, and he would do whatever it took to please his father. Looking at the Latin translation, the meaning is very similar to "God willing". Watching Amenadiel try to make sense of things on Earth was one of Lucifer's funniest scenes.


Lucifer with Eve

Eve, according to the Bible, was the first woman. Thus, it is no surprise that her name literally means "life" or "animal" in Hebrew, according to The Bump. As understood by those who are familiar with the Bible, Eve is said to have been created from the rib of Adam (the first human).

In Lucifer, Eve is savage and reckless, and she's headed to Earth to be finally free after realizing throughout eternity that she was literally created for and for someone else.


Ramiel Vs Amenadiel

Of all the angels, Rimmel is arguably the most powerful, fierce, and skilled fighter. Thus, it's no surprise that her name means "thunder god" in Hebrew, according to Remiel entered in a thunderous voice, ready to fight, even trying to confront Amenadiel at the scene when she found out that Charlie was his child and refused to let her take the child to heaven.

Interestingly, the name is usually given to males. When given to humans in real life, it is sometimes spelled Ramiel.


Lucifer Uriel Vs Amenadiel

Lucifer, unfortunately, killed his brother Uriel in an attempt to protect his life on Earth and, most importantly, to protect Chloe. Uriel had an amazing ability to create and predict patterns, and doing one simple thing would cause a ripple impact that would eventually start something much bigger, from a car crash to someone's death.

Interestingly, the name Uriel means "God is my light" in Hebrew. The character on the show was the awkward middle kid that his siblings always left out. However, he didn't shed much light on the show, and it could be argued that he was Lucifer's least intelligent villain.


Michael/Mikael Vs Lucifer

Michael is one of the more common names among angels, which may have been intended to suggest his mean state. The name in its various spellings, which can also include "Mikhail", means "Who is like God?" In Hebrew, or "a gift from God," according to The question mark is an important part of the meaning because it indicates that the name was created to indicate that there is no one else like God.

While competing for the position of God, Michael of Lucifer did some pretty terrible things in his attempts to achieve his goal. Most people who choose this name for their children go by the latter meaning, "a gift from God." The name also has traditional female variations, including Michelle, Michaela, and Mila (while Michael is a name sometimes given to girls as well).


Lucifer Gabriel

Gabriel was "the archangel of gossip," Lucifer joked on the show. The name itself means "God is my strength," "devoted to God," or "God's hero,". In the Bible, Gabriel is the character who advises Mary that she will soon give birth to the Son of God.

A popular name in popular culture for both men and women, Gabriel played a pivotal role in the final season of Lucifer, bringing back the goddess along with a piece of a flaming sword that gave Michael an edge in his fight to become God.


Zadkiel Lucifer

In the series, Zadkiel is right to wrong, unable to support Lucifer until he realizes the pure and honest reasons that Lucifer wanted to be God. Not as common in the real world as the other names on this list, Zadkiel has a beautiful meaning: It translates in Hebrew to "angel of mercy," according to The Bump.

The name can also represent freedom, benevolence, and tolerance, so it was clearly intended that the name was chosen specifically for this character.

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