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Find Out Which Villain From ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Are You?


Find Out Which Villain From ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Are You?
Which TVD Villain Are You Quiz

Welcome Back NationTV, The Vampire Diaries series has a lot of heroes, from Elena Gilbert to Ric Saltzman. The Show gave us a lot of heroes, but the bad guys were more than the heroes in the Show, from vampires to ghosts and werewolves and even the hybrids, many vampires almost defeated Stefan and Damon Salvatore, but with the passing time, the brothers have proven themselves vampires that cannot be underestimated, even though they are not original vampires.

The Original Family TVD

The Vampire Diaries Heroes have encountered villain's superiority in strength in many stages, such as Katherine, who's a vampire for nearly 500 years, and she who turned Stefan and Damon into vampires. She is one of the brothers' most enemies and is considered one of the best villains in the series, followed by the original vampires, who are the first. Vampires in history and all the vampires come after them, they are the most powerful vampires in history and they can only be killed with one way with White Oak Stake. The Original Vampires at first were impossible to stand up to, they are almost the most beloved villains on the show,

We have a lot of bad guys, like wanderers or ghosts, and there are the Heretics Lily Salvatore she has a coven of witches who have turned into a different kind of monsters, half witches and half vampires, and this made them more dangerous and powerful than any ordinary vampire to the extent that they seized Mystic Falls and expelled all humans.

And we have the biggest villain, Cade, or as The Devil in The Vampires Diaries, a powerful magician to the point that he creates his own dimension, and this dimension is considered to be a hell for people who do bad things. All the bad guys in the vampire diaries had their advantages and disadvantages, but many of them were fan favorites. more than heroes Come on and see Which Villain From The Vampire Diaries are You,

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