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Supernatural: What Does Your Favourite Character Say About You

Supernatural: What Does Your Favourite Character Say About You

Welcome Back NationTV, Based on your favorite Supernatural Hero or Villain, what type of character are you likely to have - and what does it mean? Dean and Sam Winchester, Castiel, Bobby, Crowley, and Lucifer - household names for fans of CW Supernatural's dark fantasy drama. These lovable characters, love, dedication, greed, and manipulation, brought out a whole gamut of human emotions even though the show went beyond the simple human characters.

This is a show in which the bad guys have as much, if not more, fun as the heroes. But whether or not they are Winchester allies, most of them have interesting personalities that are hard to ignore. Whoever you prefer speaks a lot about your personality.

Those who choose Jack as their favorite supernatural character may have to use their inner selves to search for the power they possess.

It's really hard to love God as a character in this cult chain because it becomes somewhat unpleasant over time. But they say every good hero needs a better villain, and what better enemy of the Winchester brothers than God himself?

The King of Hell is another fan favorite that fans just couldn't get enough of. Crowley was, like Lucifer, one of the most beloved antagonists in fictional dramas.

Devil the Superhero is everyone's favorite. Lucifer exudes charisma and his preference probably means there's something admirable.

The handsome Dean Winchester is a Faithful Faithful, a Good Son, and a Loyal Brother. Dean presents the quintessential tough guy but beneath the goofy façade is a gentle-hearted man who, as Cass aptly said, feels things sharper than others.

The witch Rowena started out as an opponent but went on to become one of the many enemies turned Winchester allies that the show has given fans over the years.

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