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Lucifer Vs Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina: Which Lord Of Hell Would You Be?

Lucifer Vs Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina: Which Lord Of Hell Would You Be?

Welcome Back NationTV, Lucifer and Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina each have their own view on Satan himself. However, one of the two must be superior to the other. Lucifer and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina gave fans two amazing versions of Lucifer Morningstar. But both versions are different and unique on their own. Tom Ellis and Luke Cook embodied the King of the underworld in vastly different ways due to the events of the show.

One of them is based in the world of magic and witches, and the other one is based in the celestial. both Devils lack and win in certain classes. One has more powers to defeat the other and the other has a lot to lose and emotional baggage. When it comes to the throne of being the best, only one can reign supreme.

Lucifer Season 4 Hell Throne

In Lucifer, fans get small glimpses of what Hell really looks like and the mind games happening. At the end of Season 4, viewers were able to see Lucifer on his throne rising high above Hell. This version is dark, dim, cool, and not on fire. Fans have also learned that Hell is built on one's worst fears and is like repeating them over and over again.

Lucifer Morningstar: The 2nd MOST POWERFUL DC Entity

Lucifer's Hell from Chilling Adventures takes the cake for being the best. Not only is it better decorated with gold, fireplace, and skulls, but it is also more devilish. When Sabrina and her friends save Nick, they go through a series of mind and horror games. This version has more appeal and will make anyone afraid.

Sabrina's Lucifer

The whole premise of Lucifer is that he is tired and bored of ruling Hell. So he decided to have some fun in the mortal world, and to live life lavishly and recklessly, all while negating his duties as ruler of Hell. Leaving him causes some problems. Throughout the show, he has had an inner struggle about being seen as the evil and terrible demon depicted in tradition and common religion.

Which Eldritch Terror From Chilling Adventures of Sabrina ARE YOU?

Chilling Adventures is a completely different version. He loves his job and the ability to torture for their mistakes. He was reinforced by his followers being relentlessly loyal to him and his image. The only real reason he visited Greendale was Sabrina's havoc.

Take This Quiz and Find Out Which Lucifer are You Lucifer Or Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Lucifer?

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