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The Vampire Diaries: Top 5 People Klaus Mikaelson Cared About

The Vampire Diaries: Top 5 People Klaus Mikaelson Cared About

Klaus Mikaelson is known for his ruthless he's the most wicked beast who has ever lived Klaus is an Original Hybrid no one was able to double-cross Klaus before he's immortal and the most powerful Vampire in history he did horrible things throughout his life and he lived for so long he's over a thousand years old killed people just for fun and even less Klaus was a myth to ordinary vampires Like we saw on The Vampire Diaries When Rose talked about him Damon and Stefan Said Klaus is a myth no one knows anything about him just his reputation so no one liked to miss with him they know that his short temperature isn't something to test every creature fears him werewolves, vampires, witches,

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there are few people that stood up to Klaus that he never meant to them any harm and even when they betrayed him so many times he just couldn't hurt them and that was his other said that not so many people have seen, here are 5 people that Klaus Mikaelson Cared About

Caroline Forbes

Caroline Forbes and Klaus TVD

Klaus Meet Caroline On TVD when he was trying to break his curse at first he was Like His Brother Kol a Psychotic Maniac he wanted nothing more than to break his curse,

then he knew Caroline she changed him she brought a side that has long gone from Klaus his kindness and Compassionate we see that when he bites Caroline and then heals her with his blood and when Bonnie Spell was broken and she was afraid of him he said "don't worry love you know I'd never hurt you"

 Camille O'Connell

Camille O'Connell and Klaus Mikaelson

Camille the Brave Bartender in The Originals Klaus went back from Mystic Falls to New Orleans because there was a witch plotting against him he then finds out that Marcel Gerard is still alive he compelled cami to spy on Marcel to tell him what's Marcel Plan,

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but later on, he falls in love with her he killed many vampires just for trying to hurt her she even betrayed him when she became a vampire but he forgives her and we know Klaus never Forget a Betrayal, 

Hayley Marshall

The Originals Hayley Marshall And Klaus Mikaelson

Hayley, she's a young werewolf who was searching for her family instead she found a more complicated family The Mikaelson Since Klaus broke his Hybrid Curse he now can procreate and Hayley was the mother of his child Hope,

even that Hayley betrayed Klaus so many times Klaus punished her for her actions Like when she tried to Kill Hope and tried to steal her from him with Jackson but Klaus never really attempt to kill her he just does what he does to his siblings punishes her but when her life on the line he does whatever it takes to save her and we see what he did to Elijah,

Hope Mikaelson

The Originals Hope And Klaus

Ruthless Or a Monster he may be but he's a Father he protects his family Since Klaus knew of Hope he did nothing more than to protect her killed his own father and mother for her he was killing his brother Finn for her,

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Klaus Let Hope use her magic powers on him when she was possessed by the hollow she was throwing him all over the house but when he knew she wanted to hurt someone he immediately brought him to her and let her do whatever she wants with him, he eventually sacrifices himself to let her live,

Marcel Gerard

TO Marcel Gerard and Klaus

Marcel Gerard is Marcel adopted son for centuries Klaus didn't care about anything but when he saw Marcel fighting for his survival he saw himself in him it was Klaus first step towards redemption,

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in The Originals, Marcel literally didn't do anything than piss Klaus off he was always betraying him and plotting against him he gave Klaus more than a reason to kill him but Klaus didn't he loved Marcel like a son even when Marcel almost killed Elijah and Kol, Marcel was known to be Klaus's weakness after Hope,

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