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Which Legacies Character is your Soulmate (Quiz)

Which Legacies Character is your Soulmate (Quiz)

Welcome Back Nation, After the success of The Vampire Diaries series, another show was made as spin-off “The Originals”, the first vampires in history was created. “The Originals” series achieved many successes such as The Vampire Diaries. After the two series ended, another series was created, Legacies and Legacies bring together the children of the two series Josie and Lizzie from the Vampire Diaries series and Hope Mikaelson from The Original series

premiered on The CW on October 25, 2018. and only two seasons were produced, but the series was actually renewed for a third season, Legacies took another turn from the other two series, where the vampire diaries series was centered around vampires and werewolves. Like the original series, they were also focused on vampires, but The Originals was explaining to us the past of the original family and what happened over a thousand years in their lives.

Legacies series centers around mythical creatures and centers around Hope Mikaelson, who is the daughter of Klaus Mikaelson, Hayley Marshall, Lizzie, and Josie. They are the daughters of Joe and Alaric Saltzman, where children fight mythical creatures such as Mummy and Necromancer. And all the fictional creatures, unlike the two series, Legacies is centered on friendship more than love and family, and many new characters were introduced, such as Landon and Raf, but Which one of them is your soulmate you

Let's Take This Quiz and Find Out Which Legacies Character is Your Soulmate


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