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Lucifer Season 5: Who is Lucifer's twin Brother Michael?

Finally, Lucifer Season 5 trailer teases what's coming for Lucifer, Lucifer had a twin brother named Michael Who is The Archangel Michael?

Lucifer Season 5: Who is Lucifer's twin Brother Michael?
Who's The Archangel Michael

Lucifer Season 5 now has an official trailer, which gives fans a first look at what will happen next in the devilish drama. The short clip included a number of major discoveries, including how Lucifer Morningstar (played by Tom Ellis) would be a little different when he returns to Earth again. Before broadcasting the season on August 21, here are all the revelations about the new season and who his brother Michael really is.

Who is Lucifer's twin brother Michael?

Lucifer Season 5 Part One will be released on Netflix on August 21 and after waiting for so long, finally Lucifer will return

The Trailer for the first half of Lucifer has dropped off what happened after Lucifer returns to Hell,

The clip begins with Chloe Decker (Lauren German) dealing with Lucifer's absence with her LAPD colleagues before Lucifer apparently returns to Earth again.

in Gunfight Scene, Lucifer comes Back From Hell to save The Detective and They both kiss, but this is not Lucifer,

after Lucifer go back to Lux he joins a fight with Maze (Lesley Ann-Brandt) Maze asks him how could he leave her and go home without her he admitted that he's not Lucifer, but he is Lucifer's twin Brother the Archangel Michael,

Although it is not clear how long it will take Chloe to find out the truth as Michael appears to pretend to be his twin brother. 

In a particularly scary moment, he said: "I’m not going to break Lucifer’s life, I’m going to take it."

Michael pretend to be Lucifer
Michael pretends to be Lucifer

It seems that all the mess caused by his brother is bringing Lucifer back to earth to deal with the mess his brother caused.

However, given the only thing that has been revealed about Michael in the trailer is that he is twin brother Lucifer and shares his similarities, 

some fans are desperate to find out more. There were some rumors while ago that the Archangel Michael might appear in season five.

this seems right since Michael is a Character in the comic books that the show based on, he's known as Michael Demiurgos, he's also an Archangel like Lucifer and his Brother,

In the comics by Neil Gaiman and John Bolton, Archangel Michael is the one who defeated Lucifer at the war. Michael used his godly power to strip Lucifer of his angelic powers before sending him to hell.

Lucifer Season 5 Trailer

However, the story says that Michael fell stabbed by a fallen angel named Sandalvon who imprisoned him in an alternate reality.

Although it is not yet clear how much the series will take the comic books as an inspiration for the character.

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