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Lucifer: What are Lucifer's powers in the show

Lucifer: What are Lucifer's powers in the show
What are Lucifer's powers in the show

Welcome Back Nation, Lucifer Season 5 is coming on Netflix in 2020 In the third season, Lucifer discovered that he is vulnerable when he is close to the detective Chloe Decker and loses his supernatural powers, but what Lucifer's powers in the Show?

The fifth season will be the last season of the demonic masterpiece and comedy, (Tom Ellis) as Lucifer Morningstar and he returned to hell at the end of the fourth season, Lucifer has many powers, but he also has many weaknesses, including Chloe Decker (Lauren German) also, Demonic blades, other angels

What are Lucifer's powers?

Lucifer Morningstar, also known as Satan or The Devil by humans, intentionally left Hell to become the owner of a nightclub in Los Angeles.

Together with his Angel brother Amenadiel (Played by DB Woodside) and his demon friend Maze (By Lesley Ann-Brandt), Lucifer lives on Earth and brought is supernatural abilities with him.

Lucifer has several powers and abilities and some of them have already been shown. He also has his weapons, including the coin of Pentecostal and the Flaming Sword, which humans cannot handle.

Supernatural Strength


Lucifer Strengh
Lucifer's Strength

Lucifer has super strength and uses his super strength to help save people from dangerous situations

Lucifer fans will remember when he managed to send large Lynx man 30 feet through a glass wall and raised a man from the throat against the wall in season four.

He was also able to stop an access SUV with his hands as it drove towards him.


Lucifer Immortality
Lucifer Season 1

Lucifer is immortal and can survive any fatal attack on him by humans.

However, in Season 3, Lucifer discovered that Chloe Decker's presence made him vulnerable, which means that The Devil is not Immortal around Chloe,

Devil Form

Lucifer true Form Season 4
Lucifer Devil Form

Lucifer can transform his face into his "demonic face" This has been done many times. Lucifer has shown his true face, and when he does this, humans always turn into a panic condition.

In season three, Lucifer revealed his demonic face to Chloe, proving that he was in fact the Devil.

Lucifer also discovered that his Devil face is changing due to his own self-loathing. For example, in season four, his struggles with guilt and self-hatred struggle to change his demonic form.

Flight and Interdimensional Flight

Flight and Interdimensional Flight
Lucifer Angel Wings

Lucifer always had wings since he was an angel and he used them to go to Hell or get out or to go to Earth or anywhere in the universe

Lucifer used his wings to protect Chloe From massive gunfire in season 3,

Lucifer uses his wings to fly to hell he can bring a demon with him or bring a demon from the earth back to hell,

He can also bring back the dead as he did in season 3 when he did bring back Abel

Other superpowers and abilities include:

  1. Desire Mojo - the ability to draw out people's desires and secrets
  2. Telekinesis - the power of levitating
  3. Celestial Communication - the ability to speak to his angelic siblings
  4. Omnilingualism - the ability to speak and understand all human languages.
  5. Escapism - he can escape from closed spaces, handcuffs and ropes

immunity to Fire

Lucifer immunity to Fire
Lucifer walks from burning building

In season four, Lucifer was able to walk out of a burning building alive, whilst near Chloe

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