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Lucifer Season 5: Part 1 release date On Netflix

Without any fanfare, Netflix has announced Season 5 Part 1 of Lucifer will drop on August 21.

Lucifer Season 5 Part 1 Release date
Lucifer Season 5 Part 1 Release date

Lucifer Season 5 has been confirmed to air at Netflix on August 21st

After much speculation on social media, Netflix quietly added a new release date to Lucifer page on the broadcast platform.

The latest news confirms that the first eight of the planned 16-episode season will be available on Netflix in just under two months.

Netflix revealed Lucifer Season 5 release date with little fanfare, although "Lucifans" would be cheerful once the news happened.

Lucifer Season Five Part one Release date
Lucifer Season Five Part One Coming in August 21

Lucifer cast and crew returned to work two weeks ago to complete the final episodes for Season 5.

The disclaimer is posted on the current episodes of Lucifer.

Longtime Lucifans @ poisonofgod1 & Amanda Gouveia noticed this while watching it today and informed JimHeath.TV in a tweet:

This news comes after Lucifer's cast and crew returned to work two weeks ago.

They are filming the final episodes of Season Five now.
The big question is whether those episodes have turned into one giant cliffhanger, as season 6 looks certain for now.

The second eight episodes of Season Five are likely to be dropped in February, which is a major ratings period in television.

The Official Lucifer Page On Facebook And Twitter Has Confirmed the Release Date

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