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Lucifer season 5 theories: God gives Maze a soul

Lucifer season 5 theories: God gives Maze a soul in human transformation twist

Lucifer season 5 theories: God gives Maze a soul
Will God Give Maze a soul?

LUCIFER recently thrilled fans as the popularity opportunities for Season 6 improved dramatically. Meanwhile, "Lucifans" is still waiting impatiently for the fifth season to be released on Netflix.

There is still no date for the release of the first eight episodes of Season Five, a highly anticipated fifth season from Lucifer. With the Netflix series, which was originally on Fox, still in the production break, viewers speculate about some major twists in the future. Some speculated that the new acting member Dennis Haysbert might be able to give Maze what she had always hoped for.

Mazikeen (played by Leslie Ann Brandt) remained a likable and complex presence throughout the first four seasons of Lucifer.

Initially, the Right hand of Devil himself Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis), Maze eventually began to shape her own path, until she became an opponent of her best friend in Season 4.

Fortunately, when Netflix saved the series for Season 4, Mazikeen finally reconciled with Lucifer and helped defeat the Demon Dromos (Graham McTavish) at the end of the exciting season.

The series was severely affected by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, as the filming of the last episode of Season Five was postponed.

However, "Lucifans" was recently given another reason for optimism as the series star Tom Ellis formally signed up to repeat his role as Devil's consultant for a potential sixth season.

With Lucifer likely to continue for a long time to come in the future, fans are looking for clues about Season 5 events.

Numerous theories originate from the casting of 24 veteran Dennis Haysbert as Lucifer's father, God.

This includes the intriguing idea that Mazikeen could undergo a major turnaround in the upcoming episodes.

A loyal fan of Reddit took to God's suggestion and Mazikeen could have a particularly affectionate reaction at some point in season five.

Does Mazikeen die in Lucifer?

Redditor Deathstroke317 posted: "It was mentioned before, at least twice, that demons had no souls. I don't think those things were for nothing."

Despite her tough outward appearance, life on Earth is especially perilous for maze as her lack of spirit means she cannot go to heaven or hell when she dies.

The fan continued: “We saw the maze transforms from a demon not emotional, thirsty, not caring to someone who has human emotions, fights for the people she cares about, and has a temporary family. It's almost completely different. "

“With God coming up next season, I think he will give maze a soul in appreciation of its changes, perhaps even turning it into a human being and she has to decide whether she likes to be a demon without a soul or a real human.”

Maze with Eve
Eve Kiss Maze

Throughout the first four seasons, there were some major leads and unanswered questions left pending that fans hope God's presence will help in the fifth season.

Since Mazikeen has developed a mainly symbolic soul by developing human relationships and sympathy in the human plane when God reaches Earth, one of his first actions could be to give the demon a taste of true humanity by giving her a real soul.

Another fan agreed that God would acknowledge her growth in Season Five, although she did not think this necessarily meant that she would become mortal.

They responded: "With God appearing this season, I think because of everything she did to help Lucifer, even though she made mistakes along the way, God will give her some kind of reward and we hope she is happy. hopefully a happy love life as well!

Before Season Six was on the cards, fans were worried that the ending might contain a grim end for some of the characters, but the appearance of God could help some of the fan-favorite Characters to get the happy ends they deserve.

Lucifer Season 5 does not yet have an official release date, but the famous Bible cast and crew have teased the announcement the show is coming very soon.

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