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Which Teen Wolf Alpha Are You

Alpha is the leader of the Werewolf Pack in a TV drama that has aired for six seasons. We arrange these strong and wonderful characters.

Teen Wolf Alpha Quiz
Teen Wolf Alpha's

Welcome back to Nation. Teen Teen, a popular superhero series on werewolves, has been aired on MTV for six seasons. Despite finishing its run, it is still popular with series fans who have grown to love characters and explore both raging wolves, horror, and other types of legends.

We first saw an Alpha in the first episode of Teen Wolf. They are the shapeshifter who can pass as human beings. So alpha can be blend to a wolf in humans as an ordinary human being, but when transformed, it has red eyes, fangs, and a brutal appearance. One can become an alpha either by killing the existing alpha werewolf, and the other way to become a real alpha is a rare occurrence that occurs only once in 100 years. Alphas have different abilities and powers as they can change shape, have infrared vision, super strength, speed, can heal quickly, and also increase the senses of hearing and smell.

But there are some weaknesses of this supernatural being such as the loss of its powers and capabilities during the event of a Lunar Eclipse. Also, when they get angry they can go into a bloody state where she cannot control themself and can continue a killing wave. Mountain ash also acts as a barrier preventing this creature from entering or leaving. The first alpha werewolf we've seen was Peter Hill who bitten Scott McCall and transformed him into a beta werewolf in the pilot episode of the show. Also, we would like to know who is your favorite alpha werewolf from the show, and why?

Let's Take This Wonderful Quiz To Find Out Which Alpha From Teen Wolf Are You

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