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Lucifer Season 5: What We Know About Hell & (What Lucifer In Hell Means For Season 5)

Lucifer Season 5: What We Know About Hell & (What Lucifer In Hell Means For Season 5)

Lucifer Season 5: What We Know About Hell & (What Lucifer In Hell Means For Season 5)
The Season 4 series Lucifer has ended with unexpected events. Lucifer returns to Hell again, but this time Lucifer returns to Hell without his approval, but that means a lot of events will happen in Season 5 of Lucifer after this wonderful end. The Lucifer fans want The series to be renewed.

With the way that the fourth season of the Lucifer series ended, the story of the fifth season looks as if it will focus on the home of the series hero Lucifer, Hell and the fans will get to know the story of the ancient Satan, where he worked as a ruler of the underworld.

What We Know About Hell In Lucifer

Lucifer in Hell Season 2

We, as fans of the Lucifer series, have seen hell more than once and not at the end of the fourth season. It is only possible that in the fifth season, we will get to know hell better and in the fourth season. Hell is considered as the whole Planet and no one can escape from it, even the King of Hell himself Lucifer was almost locked up in it,

In the past seasons of the series in which hell appeared, we did not look at hell itself but saw only the rooms where souls are tormented, but at the end of the fourth season we saw Lucifer sitting on the throne and the throne is alone spire perched above this endless hell where he sees this endless maze of souls being tormented.

After Lucifer was stripped of his life on earth and all the people close to him season 5 will focus on hell and might answer all questions that we ask and how Lucifer does not force anyone to make mistakes, but he is only the king of the Kingdom, they might make the story about Hell so we don't visit Hell again,

What Lucifer In Hell Means For Season 5

Lucifer Season 4 Lucifer In Hell

In the second season of the series Lucifer, we saw Lucifer pass through to hell to bring a recipe for the Detective to cure her, and at this moment, The Devil himself was trapped inside even the Devil himself he got out with his Mother's Help, even his mother the goddess the second powerful being in the existence couldn't escape. from this evil, The show has proven time and time again that Lucifer is a fallible character. We might see the old Lucifer, as he does not have his closest friends around him. we might see Old Lucifer from The Garden with Eve,

But the biggest question since the beginning of the series is who is Chloe Decker. We discovered that Chloe was a miracle from God, but we do not know what her capabilities are and how and why God put her in Lucifer's way. We might know in the fifth season, also Netflix announced that God will appear in the fifth season, it is possible that we have an answer to this question,

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