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Lucifer Morningstar: The 2nd MOST POWERFUL DC Entity

Lucifer Morningstar: The 2nd MOST POWERFUL DC Entity
Lucifer Morningstar: The 2nd MOST POWERFUL DC Entity

The DC universe has a LOT going on inside of it, but some people don’t realize that there are many things going on behind the scenes of all the superheroes that we know and love. One such example is that Heaven and Hell not only exist, but they also have their own struggles.

Of course, if there’s Hell, there must also be a devil, and now that he has a TV show of his own, let’s take a look at the history of DC’s Lucifer. Lucifer Morningstar is LITERALLY the Devil. He’s the fallen angel who led the rebellion in Heaven, was stuck down, and became the lord of Hell. Trust me, you’ve heard of him.

Before he rebelled from Heaven, Lucifer was known as Samael. He and his brother Michael were the first creations of The Presence which is DC’s version of God. Michael had the power to create matter out of nothing and Samael had the power to take existing matter
and turn it into anything. Since the first things that Samael made were stars, this became known as the Lightbringer power which is also where he got his new name, Lucifer, which means light-bringer in Latin.

Now despite what you might think, Lucifer was not banished to Hell. In fact, it was a GIFT from the Presence so that Lucifer could escape his omniscience. While this proved to be impossible, Lucifer ruled Hell for ten billion years. There was even a period of time where he co-ruled it alongside the demons Beelzebub and Azazel.

Eventually, though, Lucifer grew bored. What was the point of having his own realm to rule if it was just a part of God’s master plan? This is a recurring element of Lucifer’s life and is usually the reason behind most of his actions. All he really wants is true free will of his own. So Lucifer cast every demon and soul out of Hell, he locked it up, and he asked the Sandman to cut off his wings. With his feathers clipped,

Lucifer gave Dream the key to the now-empty Hell and relinquished any claim he had over it. So what happened to Lucifer next? Well he
retired to Earth and opened a bar in Los Angeles because why not?
Shortly thereafter, Heaven noticed that the Voiceless Gods, entities that were worshiped by the earliest mortals on the First World,
randomly showed back up and started granting wishes on Earth.

Because they didn’t want to directly get involved, but also refused to stand by and let it happen, Heaven hires Lucifer to kill them. He agrees in exchange for a letter of passage. Simply put, this letter allowed Lucifer to create his own universe, but first, he needed
a couple of things. The first was his clipped wings which were being kept in the realm of the Japanese gods. After outwitting the eastern deities, Lucifer was whole once again.

Lucifer on Hell Throne Season 4
Lucifer on Hell Throne Season 4

The second was a power source, a big bang of his own. Circumstances led to Lucifer finding his long lost brother, Michael, who is badly hurt and if he died, it would destroy the
entire universe. By bringing Michael into his newly created realm, Lucifer was able to kill Michael so that he could be reborn. Not only did this save the universe, but it also gave Lucifer’s own big bang. With Michael’s explosion bringing the matter to Lucifer’s void, Morningstar was able to create his own cosmos complete with his
very own Garden of Eden, Adam, and Eve. Lucifer had no intention of interfering with his new creation but laid down only one rule. “Bow down to no one. Worship no one. Not even me.”

Then the Presence up and leaves his own universe which effectively creates a power struggle that affected Lucifer’s cosmos as well. Begrudgingly, Lucifer steps in which led to a showdown against the Norse wolf Fenris. In this fight, Lucifer becomes temporarily possessed by the wolf and accidentally kills his brother, Michael… again. This time, Michael stays dead, but in order to not destroy the universe (again) Michael’s power is absorbed and passed on to his daughter,

Elaine Belloc. If that wasn’t enough, Elaine
was also left in charge of all creation! After all this commotion, it’s fair to say that Morningstar was tired and done with the craziness that is his life. so he turns his universe back into the letter of passage and
straight-up LEAVES CREATION to finally be free of God’s plan. But before doing so, he gives his Lightbringer powers to his former lover, Mazikeen. She remarks that leaving his life behind doesn’t
free him from anything and with her broke blade, she slices Lucifer across the face,

calling him a coward if he tried to heal it.
After that, Lucifer has a little chat with the Presence and then flies off into the emptiness that is the endless world outside of creation.
That would be the last that we see of Lucifer until after the events of Flashpoint which rebooted the entire DC multiverse. Now because Lucifer is an Angel, that means that he’s a multidimensional being and while the rest of the multiverse was affected in the post-Flashpoint reboot, Lucifer was not. If you want further proof of this, just look
at a quote from his new solo series.

Where he clearly says
“I have passed between multiverses.”
Thankfully, there’s not TOO much confusion with continuity because Lucifer almost exclusively appears in the series Demon Knights which takes place in the Dark Ages. It’s here that it’s revealed that Lucifer is the father of Merlin and that part of the reason why the demon Etrigan was bound to Jason Blood was that Etrigan was after Lucifer’s throne.

That, of course, brings us to the time of this recording where Lucifer has a brand new series. Taking place after the events of the previous Lucifer run, this series is still newcomer-friendly with the fallen angel returning to L.A. and building a brand new bar. Yet before he can enjoy one night of running it, the former angel Gabriel shows up with some pretty big news.

The Presence is dead and Heaven thinks that it was Lucifer’s doing. So in order to clear his name, the two of them are going to take this mystery killer down because to quote Lucifer himself “No one gets to kill God but me.”

All Credit to : Comic Drake

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