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Best 9 Steps - How to know when you need a bra (with Pictures)

Best 9 Steps - How to know when you need a bra (with Pictures)
Having the first bra is an important event in a girl's life; you may feel excited, shy or perhaps a mix between them. This is a common feeling and you should not worry about it. There are several ways to know if you need to wear a bra, but remember that every girl is different in growth and your body may grow faster or slower than others, and there is nothing wrong with that, but it is very normal.

Part (1) Notice signs of breast growth

Look for breast buds poking through your shirt:

If you notice those little shoots, it's time to get a bra. Chest buds are small bumps that appear below each nipple. But generally, as soon as a girl begins to feel her chest, it may be time to buy a bra no matter what her physical development level.

  • You should feel some softness or slight pain when the chest begins to grow. This is normal and you should not worry about it. All it means is that you are in the stage of growth.
  • The next stage is to change the color of the nipples and areola (the circle of skin surrounding the nipples) to a darker color and increase their size. The chest will then begin to grow and 
  • have a pointed shape.

Understand the average age at which a girl’s body begins to develop:

The average age at which girls start wearing a bra is 11 years old. While some girls need a bra from the age of 8 years, some girls do not need a bra until after the age of 14. Every girl is different!

  • Some girls who don't need a bra sometimes ask for one to copy their girlfriends. These can start with a sports bra.
  • You can start by wearing a sleeveless tight blouse under the clothes. You don't have to worry about growing up naturally like other girls, however. The growth rate of each girl differs from the other, and there is no problem with that.

Learn the signs of puberty:

The growth of chest buds is one of the signs that appear on a girl's body at the beginning of puberty.

  • Pubic hair may start to grow, while pubic hair may grow before others appear.
  • Puberty can cause a girl to gain weight, especially in the abdominal area. The belly may look more rounded. This is a natural sign of a girl's physical maturity.
  • Your menstrual cycle may also start, although the menstrual cycle is usually irregular at first. All of these signs are normal signs of puberty.

Part (2) Choose your first bra

Try wearing a sports bra as the first bra:

Girls can wear a sports / short bra once the nipples begin to protrude. This type of bras is more comfortable because it looks just like short jerseys, which relieves your feeling of embarrassment because it is not noticeable.

  • You should get a very comfortable bra for the first time. No need to buy a little girl for showy bras or lace! The sports bra is usually simple and stretchy cotton without any cups.
  • A sports bra is another good idea for a gym class or if you are involved in any sports team. Since the sports bra is specially designed to be flat from the cup area as well as being very comfortable, it can be a good choice as your first bra even if you are not playing any sports.

Choose a soft cup bra if your chest size further develops:

If your chest has grown more than just the bud stage and if the cup size is A or higher, then it's time to get a soft bra cup. 

  • Measure your chest or ask your mother to measure it every four weeks so that you can determine the appropriate time to get a soft bra. This type of bras does not change the shape of the chest or push it up, so it is a suitable choice for little girls as well as being comfortable.
  • A bra with a wire is a good option as a first bra, the goal behind it is to support a very large chest, and since you are still in the beginning stage, you probably won't need it.
  • You can choose a bra of the same color as your skin so that it does not appear under your shirt (if desired). Buying bras in a variety of different colors help you coordinate with your shirt so that it is not clear (for example, you shouldn't wear a black bra under a white shirt unless your 
  • skin is dark).

Learn all the secrets of wearing a bra:

 A girl may need to learn the axioms that adult women treat as Muslims (they have already learned it in a younger age group!)
  • For example, a young girl may need to know that she does not need to wear a bra while sleeping. Some bras have a lining, while others do not, and this liner is not necessary when a girl is in the development stage.
  • You can use a wash bag to protect the bra from being damaged during the wash cycle.
  • You can find the first bras product lines in many department stores and in many lingerie stores, which is a good choice as the first bra for any girl.

Part (3) Learn more about bra's sizes

Ask your mother or other adults about puberty:

 For most girls, the first bra experience is a complex experience. You might worry about intruders harassing you if your growth is faster or slower. Understand that those sensitive feelings are normal. who knows? Your mother may approach you about it before you.
    • Request a book to explain puberty from your mother (or any other adult lady you trust). Explain to her what is happening in your body. Be upfront about your feelings. Sometimes people of this age snoop on you about wearing bras; if this happens with you, do not worry because it is common. But you prefer to tell an adult.
    • Know that women are beautiful no matter the size of their chest. Some girls may feel anxious if their chest size is small or if they are harassed because of their large chest size. Know that women are beautiful in every shape and size.
    • Don't worry if you feel shy. Understand that it is normal to feel shy at that age.
    • If you are the mother of a girl, do not discuss it with others in fronts of her, such as friends and relatives.

Learn the correct way to determine the size of the bra:

You should make sure to choose the correct bra size so that your chest is comfortable and well supported.
  • In countries that follow the US system, the bra size is divided into two parts: the chest size and the cup size. The chest size even numbers such as 32, 34, 36 ... etc. Cup size is letters like A, B or C. For countries that follow the UK system, sizes may vary (AA, A, C, D, DD ... etc) 
  • The seller at the store will help you to measure your chest, you can do it at home, or ask your mother or older sister for help. Use the tape measure. To determine your chest size, wrap the measuring tape around the circumference of the area just below your chest, including the back. Make sure it's tight, but not too tight. You will get a chest circumference in centimeters. Add 13 cm to this number. This is your chest size.
  • To determine the cup size, wrap the measuring tape around your body well, from where your chest is almost full. Subtract your bust from this number. The number should be between 2.5 cm to 10 cm. This is how the cup scale is determined.
  • Less than 2.5 cm (cup size AA), 2.5 cm (cup A), 5 cm (cup B), 7.5 cm (cup C), and 10 cm (cup size D). If you end up with a fraction number, round it to the nearest integer. This is especially important for young girls because their growth is so much faster than the bra size will not fit after a very short period, even if it is appropriate from the start. Usually, it's time to wear a bra when your chest size reaches cup A. 

Learn the proper way to wear a bra:

Don't be shy about telling your mother that you don't know how to wear a bra. Most girls need guidance on the correct way to wear a bra, so it is okay to ask for it.
  • To wear a bra, put your arms inside bras and lean your body forward so that your chest falls inside the cup. Close the back clasp in the middle hole (the sports bras do not have any clips, which makes them a good choice as your first bra.)
  • Adjust braces, if necessary, and clip the clip to another hole to adjust the size.
  • You can ask your mom to take you to the store to measure your first bra. Some mothers try to make this mission an intimate adventure for the mother and daughter

Useful ideas

  • If you are a mother, keep your daughter's privacy; you will feel embarrassed if all your female relatives and girlfriends know that she is wearing a bra, so if you tell someone about it spontaneously, act immediately to reduce the importance of the matter and it is very normal and natural.
  • Don't be shy to talk to your mother about it, remember that she has gone through the same stage at some point in her life!
  • Remember that every girl is different. Don't worry if it takes longer than you.
  • If you are about to talk to your mother about it, this conversation should be conducted in your room or room to have the privacy to speak up on this sensitive topic without anyone hearing you or making fun of you.
  • If you're ashamed to talk to your mother about this, leave her a message that no one else can see!
  • If you are afraid to tell your parents, tell your older sister, because she has gone through it and will help you get over it and tell your mother.

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