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Supernatural - Worst 5 Angels (And Best 5 Demons)

Supernatural - Worst 5 Angels (And Best 5 Demons)
Supernatural - Worst 5 Angels And Best 5 Demons
CW's Supernatural has been on TV for more than a decade, and by that time it had built rich mythology of beings, but none of them were popular known and widely used as angels and demons. Traditionally, demons are seen as pure evil entities while angels are seen as an example of purity and goodness.

However, the supernatural has always challenged the concepts of good and evil. Throughout the show, there were a variety of angels who were actually not as good as they should have been, while demons were not that bad. Here is a list of ten of them.

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Angels list


Supernatural Raphael

Raphael is one of the four Archangels on the series. Incredibly powerful, he was one of the most rigid and traditional angels. Earlier in the show, he was disappointed by the disappearance of God and became tired of his angelic duties.

As a result, Raphael was one of the strongest supporters of the Apocalypse, and in season 6, he even attempted to restart it by liberating Michael and Lucifer. However, unlike these two, Raphael always had more freedom to act against the sky and become a strong ally of Winchesters. However, his irony made him unwilling to change.


Supernatural Naomi
Naomi appeared in season 8 of Supernatural and at first, she appeared as a new friend of Winchesters after she saved Castiel from Purgatory. However, Naomi did just that so Castiel could spy on the brothers and get the angel tablet.

In order to make Castiel betray the brothers, she tortured and controlled the angel by forcing him to kill hundreds of copies of Dean. When they finally found Angel's Tablet, Castiel approaches Dean by hitting him in the pulp, just as Naomi also programmed him.


Supernatural Uriel
Uriel is one of the first angels we meet in the series. Fairly unpleasant, it is clear from the start that he completely hates humans and even refers to Dean as a "Mud monkey."

Therefore, it is not at all surprising that he will cross the sky twice and work with Lucifer, who also sees humanity as hatred. Equally cruel, Uriel had no problem killing the former head of his garrison Anna in order to secure his plans.


Supernatural Gadreel
Gadreel is perhaps one of the most complicated angels on the show. Once the most trusted angel of God was, Gadreel was responsible for guarding the Garden of Eden, but Lucifer Tricked him and he was indirectly responsible for the corruption of man.

Gadreel was imprisoned for thousands of years, and with the fall of the angels, he deceived Dean to allow him to possess Sam to heal him. However, Gadreel began working with Metatron and ended up killing Kevin Tran, using Sam's body.


Supernatural Metatron
There is probably no angel as hated as Metatron is on the series. God personally chose to be its writer and was responsible for recording the word of God. At first, Metatron looked like a he was harmless, albeit a little strange, angel.

However, it soon became clear that he was a vengeful and thirst for power. In season 8, he deceived Castiel to help him kick all the angels out of heaven, and in season 9, he tried to become God Himself. In the end, he is locked up in the sky dungeon by Winchesters, but not before Dean was killed and made into a demon.

Demons list


Supernatural Crowley
Crowley is one of the longest-running characters in the series. Unlike many other demons in the show, Crowley has a long and complex history explaining why he was devious and self-interested. As a child, he was abandoned by his mother Rowena and as an adult, he formed a tenuous relationship with his son Gavin.

Formerly, King of Crossroads, he helped and betray Winchesters several times throughout the series. However, in the end, he sticks to the Free Will team and sacrifices himself to save them and hold Lucifer in an alternative dimension.


Supernatural Meg
Meg is the first important demon the brothers faced throughout the first season. Initially, she was an enemy of Winchesters, who later formed a shaky alliance with the brothers in Season Six.

Most importantly, Meg developed a strong relationship with Castiel. In season 7, she takes care of the amnesia-riddled Castel and helps the brothers fight Leviathans. In season 8, she also helped Winchesters sacrifice herself to Crowley, so they could keep their Angel tablet safe.


Supernatural Ruby
Admittedly, Ruby is a very controversial option to add to this list. She was responsible for the coincidence and deception of Sam to become addicted to the Demon Blood and made him start the Apocalypse without knowing.

However, Ruby did a variety of things for Winchesters that she not only didn't need to but could have ruined her own plans. This included helping the boys recover The Colt, giving them a demonic killing knife and helping them save the angel, Anna.


Supernatural Cain
Everyone knows the story of how Cain killed his brother out of anger and jealousy. However, in the supernatural universe, Cain was only trying to protect his brother and instead exchanged his soul with Lucifer, so that his brother could go to heaven. After killing Apple, Cain carried the mark and becomes corrupted by it. He becomes the first knight of hell and one of the most feared demons of hell.

Over time, Cain fell in love with a human woman Colette, which made him promise that he would stop killing. However, through the other knights of Hell, Cain accidentally killed Colette and in memory of her, he decided not to kill anymore. Cain lived a peaceful life until the Winchesters appeared and forced him to return to the life he swore to leave behind.

Demon Dean

Supernatural Demon Dean
In season 10, Dean spends the first part of the season as a demon and takes this role easily, whom everyone has grown to love, disappears, and the new, black-eyed is violent, fierce, callus and has no problem killing humans, even Sam.

However, just like Cain, dean was corrupted by Cain Mark and the true dean still exists but the was under the surface of the Demon. Finally, Sam and Castiel managed to catch and cure him.

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