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Supernatural - Reveals Why God is So Obsessed with The Winchester

Supernatural - Reveals Why God is So Obsessed with The Winchester
Supernatural is back - and the second half of the final season begins with by clearing up a potential major plot hole, with God's monologue explaining why Chuck's obsession (Rob Benedict) has a copy of this universe of Sam and Dean Winchester (Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles). The first half of Season 15 of Supernatural revealed that God's evil plan was essentially manipulating Sam and Dean to kill each other - and this is something that he has managed in all his various other universes so far. He explains that the brothers are his "favorite show", but with his connection to Sam broken, it seemed that there was no real reason for his need to keep hounding these two special versions of the characters ... until now.

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Season 12 of Supernatural, Episode 12, "Galaxy Brain" begins with Chuck wandering on Radio Shed in one of his many alternative worlds, and like a good villain, he's going to monologue. He explains that after creating his first universe, he "got the bug" and started creating many other multiple others, but that first somehow remained the most important. In a funny reference to Mary Kondo, he says that these two are only "spark joys" and that's why he can't seem to quit them; at least until he gets what he wants.

As he explains, he will not be satisfied until he gets the end he wants from the original Sam and Dean, and in order to do that, he will wipe the slate, destroying every other world, the alternate universe, and the sub-plot he has ever created, so that there is no further distraction, and He can only focus on real Winchesters.

Supernatural Galaxy Brain Death talks to the winchester
While this little speech does a great job preparing for the last season of lacking alternative facts for boys to jump into (or deal with), it does much more than that. So far, there has been no real explanation as to why God wouldn't just leave Earth 1, and abandon Sam and Dean for the final showdown. This explains the motivation behind the final confrontation, and (should) prevent fans from wondering why a final battle is ever needed if God has all of his other worlds to play with and nothing is holding him to this one earth. This also continues toward the final season of stripping Supernatural back to his roots - Sam and Dean against a monster, without all the complications that other worlds can bring.

While this is what this monologue of God means from the perspective of telling stories, it also gives fans some clues as to what will next come to the series in terms of the plot. From this episode and a preview of the Supernatural episode next week (“Child of Destiny”), it is clear that this of the cosmic decks will involve some fallout: Kaia (Yadira Guevara-Prip) is returned and the Dark Kaia world was destroyed (with her return to it), and next week Some Winchester doppelgangers will come to play. However, it appears that this is likely to be played for comedy, and the biggest effect will be that God leaving the boys with nowhere else to run  (even as Jack (Alexander Calvert) returns and is able to create rifts to get them there). The story is getting smaller and will include Sam, Dean, Cass (Misha Collins) and Jack vs. the man himself - and the last question is whether both brothers will survive.

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