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Doctor Who - Season 12 Ending Creates A TARDIS Plot Hole

Doctor Who - Season 12 Ending Creates A TARDIS Plot Hole 

Doctor Who - Season 12 Ending Creates A TARDIS Plot Hole
Doctor Vs Judoon

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Season 12 Final

the last scene for Doctor Who's final in Season 12, "The Timeless Children", has opened a big continuity error into the show regarding how TARDIS defenses work. This would prove ironic if that's the case, given how much of "The Timeless Children" devoted to reconciling several plot holes of the classic series.

The main line of the doctor, who was the twelfth season, around The Doctor's archenemy The Master, who is destroying the Time Lord homeworld of Gallifrey, after discovering a dark mystery associated with a character known as The Timeless Child. The season's conclusion revealed that The Timeless child was a strange being, discovered and adopted by an explorer and Gallifreyian scientist named Tecteun. The "Timeless child" was later revealed to be seemingly immortal a new body anytime he had a fatal injury. Tecteun tried the adopted child and isolated the secret of his immortality at the genetic level, giving "Lords of Time" the power of regeneration. It was revealed that the immortal child was the doctor, whose memories of their true past were changed by the Time Lords.

"Timeless Children" ended with the doctor's separation from her companions. Shortly after returning to the TARDIS, the doctor was ambushed by a group of Judoon, a type of mercenary peacekeeper who resembled a human rhinoceros. Before she had the opportunity to protest, the doctor was forcibly transferred to a small prison in the midst of deep space to serve life imprisonment for an indefinite crime. As much as this was an exciting climax, it was also impossible based on all that is known about the TARDIS and its ability to protect itself from the unwanted company.

Doctor Who 12 Ending Explained

While TARDIS greatly compliments its ability to travel anywhere in time and space, it does have a number of other features that make it noticeable. Among the most important of these defensive features that make them largely uncollectible for the invasion and the virtual fortress. The ninth doctor was once boasting to his companion Rose Tyler that the combined legions of Genghis Khan had not been able to reach TARDIS and they tried to do so. The TARDIS has frustrated the efforts of technologically advanced species like Daleks and Cybermen to break into them. TARDIS also has an internal weapons deactivation system, which aims to prevent the use of any type of weapon or hostile technology while in the TARDIS Control Room.

This raises the following question: How did a group like the Judoon, which was first known to be a stupid muscle, managed to manage what the greatest doctor's enemies could not do? An explanation will be given for Doctor Who's 2020 vacation. Hopefully, it won't be as simple but as silly as the doctor hasn't had a chance to run it yet.

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