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Showrunner Explained why Superman Lost his Powers in (Crisis on Infinite Earths)

showrunner Marc Guggenheim Explained Why Superman Smallville gave up his Powers in Crisis on Infinite Earths
Showrunner Explained why Superman Lost his Powers in (Crisis on Infinite Earths)
Tom Welling Return to his Role as Clark Kent in Smallville to make a cameo in " Crisis on Infinite Earths" When Lex was Wondering around Killing all Superman Versions around the Universe with the Book of Destine he came across Tom Welling Superman but he finds out that He doesn't have his powers, and the Showrunner Explained Why, saying part of that is a tribute to a classic Superman film

"We also discussed a nod to, believe it or not, Superman II," Marc Guggenheim told Fake Nerd Podcast. "It wasn't relevant to the story that we were telling in terms of getting into the specifics of it, and there are certain things that I believe are best left for the fans to discuss and debate."
"I don't believe in giving the fans the entire picture all the time," Guggenheim added, "But the idea that Clark would give up his powers in order to have this kind of life, that really resonated with all of us, and I think it really resonated with Tom [Welling]. It just makes sense."

Tom Character on the mantle of Superman in the final episode of Smallville's 10-season run and he was never seen with Superman Custume ever since This Superman Verison didn't appear on the Screen again until Crisis came When he Revealed to Lex that he gives up his powers in order to spend times with his family and to be a good Father,

In Superman II, Christopher Reeve's version of the character also gave up being Superman, albeit temporarily, for similar reasons.

"It was one of the reasons why it was so important for us to show you those Daily Planet articles that Lois wrote," Guggenheim said. "We very much wanted to tell the audience that the promise of Smallville was, 'He's going to become Superman.' We wanted to make it very clear that that did happen, that he did become Superman, that he did have all these adventures, but they are left to your imagination."
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