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Hobbs and Shaw 2 - Confirmed To Be In Development (Release Date)

Hobbs and Show 2 Trailer
Hobbs And Shaw
According to Dwayne Johnson, Hobbs & Shaw 2 is actively developing. Last year Hobbs and Shaw followed Johnson and Jason Statham's fast and furious characters as they slowly collaborated to prevent a terrorist organization from obtaining a hidden virus. The movie didn't fly as high as the recent Fast & Furious installments (either in cash or commercial), but it's still well received and the box office has become successful thanks to the global market. It has also been clearly designed to serve as a launchpad for new spinoffs, on top (obviously) a direct supplement.

Longtime Fast & Furious writer Chris Morgan (who also wrote Hobbs & Shaw) previously confirmed that the plan is to bring back the mysterious villain - director of the mysterious Eton - in the future, but there hasn't been much discussion about what to expect from Hobbs & Shaw 2 yet that. This is partly because Johnson has been busy filming and/or promoting his many other projects since the first Hobbs and Shaw theater. But with Hollywood currently closed due to a coronavirus, The Rock took some time to provide an update on the sequel.

Over the weekend, Johnson provided a quick update on Hobbs and Shaw 2 during an Instagram question-and-answer. The actor confirmed, "We are now developing the next movie, the next Hobbs Show, and I'm really excited about that." He went on to say that he and the rest of the Hobbs and Shaw team "must only know the creativity now, and the direction we're going" before thanking fans around the world for making the first movie "a huge success".

Story-wise, Hobbes and Shaw left a number of plot strings hanging for the sequel to pick up, including Hobbes rekindling ties with his brother Jonah (Cliff Curtis) and the rest of his family. He also paved the way for actors like Ryan Reynolds and Kevin Hart to play bigger roles alongside Johnson and Statham in the sequel, after their success in the first movie (which was kept secret before its release). Major characters like Vanessa Kirby's Hattie Shaw and Eiza González's Madam M were in a similar position to play equally large or larger roles in Hobbs & Shaw 2, after being introduced to the Fast & Furious universe. Really, except for the Eton director, it looks like Hobbs & Shaw's sequel already has a healthy piece of crew lined up to get more.

Between a virus plot device and the role of Idris Elba as the genetically enhanced Eteon agent Brixton, Hobbs and Shaw succeeded in moving the Fast & Furious franchise to the science fiction region more than the mainline entries before him. It might be smart to keep developing things in this direction with Hobbs & Shaw 2, as a way to distinguish the spinoff series from central Fast & Furious films (which will return with F9 in 2021). Meanwhile, the first Hobbs & Shaw did better when it really focused on its family topics, so that's another thing for the sequel to carry over. All in all, the pieces are out for Hobbs & Shaw 2 to look good - now, Johnson and his crew must figure out how to fit them together.

Hobbs and Shaw 2 release date: When can we expect it?

to be honest, we don't know, but hey we can guess

its have been roughly 2 years between every Fast and Furious Film.

The 10 Fast and Furious Film is in the works, but no release date has been given yet.

With Fast and Furious 9 out in May 2020, also Hobbs and Shaw Movie may happen in 2021. This would be 2 years from the first Hobbs and Shaw Movie, following the established pattern.

A 2021 release date would also give room for the 10 and final Fast and Furious Movie to come out afterward, in 2022 (two years after Fast & Furious 9).

its is also have a female-centered Fast and Furious spin-off coming, but when remains to be seen.

As for a Hobbs and Shaw 2 trailer, this isn't going to happen anytime soon before they announce a sequel,

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